The Best Beaches of the World

The frigid weather this winter has many of us scampering through these pages picking out grand locations where we’ve never gone before. Aruba? Check. Jamaica? Check. Thailand? Hmmmmm… The airfare isn’t cheap, but the accommodations and food are! And the beaches are breathtaking!

And now, more than ever, I’m finding people taking the whole family. Discounts abound for travel to some of the sunniest places on the globe. Soon, North America and Europe will be warming as well. But right now, South America is in the last hurrah of Summer and the beaches are awesome. Check out Buzios near Rio and some of the better beaches in Argentina.

March is a great month for planning, but it’s also my favorite for off the cuff traveling. And if you’re like me, take a ton of pictures and submit a few here so we can keep the pages relevant. Remember, you’ll only see amateur photographs here. So when you get to that beach, it really will look just like the pictures.

Have fun and enjoy the beach! Click the map below or the menu above to start your journey.

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Beaches of the World

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