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Agamy Beach, Alexandria

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Agamy Beach, Alexandria, Egypt

Want to really experience culture at its finest? Come to Agami Beach in Alexandria, Egypt. Vendors almost outnumber the tourists, but it’s fascination every minute.  About half of Egypt’s residents live in urban areas, with the majority spread across the densely populated centers of greater Cairo, Alexandria and other major cities in the Nile Delta. The buildings in the Agamy area are on average 5 stories high and there is some space between them with green spaces and landscaping making the air quality in nice this area. There is no beach freeway so traffic, huge crowds and pollution are less of an issue as the downtown beaches.

Agamy Beach sits 20 km west of Alexandria so you can visit all the sites and museums and this wonderful beach, too. The word Agamy means “foreigner” in Arabic and long ago was used to describe anyone who was non-Arab. What draws people here from all over are the colors of the water, mostly turquoise.

Many wealthy people call Agamy home because of its proximity to Cairo and Alexandria. It’s far enough away for peacefulness and close enough for business people. There are many villas here, and a few hotels.

The Pyramids in Egypt

Egypt enjoys a unique geographical location. Many people from around the world favor its climates.

Try a visit this year if you’re in the area of the Pyramids. If the coast does get flat, there is always action in the Great Sea of Sands, one the greatest unmapped areas of the world. Sandboarding those endless dunes sounds like a plan but have a go at the Gravity Buggy and the whole concept of having fun in the sand feels different.

The sand here is really timeless. We felt that walking here is probably on some of the oldest sand that has been walked on well…anywhere…if you think about it. Pretty cool.

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