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Sandy Bay Beach, Cape Town, South Africa

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Attention! From our reports, you may or may not be surprised, happy to know the Sandy Bay Beach South Africa is…well, unofficially “nude!” Yes, you read right and if you take a gander at the pictures here you can kinda see that’s what we have. Most of the “nudity” is on the south end of the beach. And before you get too comfortable, know that there are three beaches. Known by their numbers, you’ll be able to pick and choose your “comfort” level as well. Here’s how we were informed it breaks down: The southern part of Sandy Bay is the nude portion. Mainly gay men gather here on any given weekend.

On “First Beach” you’ll find the sun worshipers and those who are trendy with their couture swim attire and beach accessories. Then on Third Beach we met with teens. Naturally we found that when families with teens arrive at First Beach, the teens stroll off to Third. Makes sense, no? And then, Fourth Beach is the overall family beach. Take our word for it – you’ll want to hang out here as well. Can you say “facilities?” Yes – nearby parking and food stands, restrooms, showers. We’re there!

Sandy Bay, Cape Town SASunsets here are breathtaking as the shoreline faces west. Take it in. You’re in Africa!

If you rent a car in Cape Town, find the coastal road “Melkbosstrand” and drive until you start seeing the beaches. They are just down the road and within view of majestic Table Mountain.

There is a lot to see here. The beach is breathtaking in several areas where large rock outcroppings give way to deep blue ocean waves. And I know you’ve heard of shark in this neck of the woods.

Simply ask around if there have been any sightings and use common sense. Most people want to hang out on the sand, but you’ll enjoy the water as well and it only makes sense to say that you’ve actually taken a dip in this part of the world.

Sandy Bay, Cape Town, South AfricaOne item that caught our interest is the diversity of nature here. You’ll see iguana type lizards along with penguins on other parts of the rocks. And there are some area of the beach with modern rentals such as windsurf, paddleboard, kiteboarding and more. Simply stop in and ask, or check with your concierge when you arrive at your hotel in Cape Town.

Cape Town – I mean, what do you really think of when you think of Cape Town? I think of the end of the earth – bottom on the globe even though it may be spinning in some other axis when you look at it from the galaxies. What a wonderful and exotic place! Soak in the culture and enjoy what is set before you. Breathe deep and take in everything.

And don’t worry your little head if you think the whole length of Sandy Bay Beach South Africa is nude. It’s not. And there are other great beaches around the Cape Town area. You’ll have plenty to choose from. We only threw that in there to make sure you are prepared and that you know what you’re getting in to…or taking off. The choice is yours.

Sandy Bay Beach, Cape Town, South Africa – Beach Index:

  • Powdery sand that is not tightly packed – white
  • World renowned beach with plenty of culture
  • Limited facilities
  • Sports equipment to rent
  • Cape Town – come on! Who gets to come here? Enjoy this beach!
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