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Beaches of Goa India

Goa India beach
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Goa India is appropriately famous for its beaches, and westerners have been flocking to the beaches of Goa since the early ’60s. Travel to the magnificent beaches of Goa and add a fantastic flavour to your Indian beaches tours. Goa India is an endearing abode of scenic charm and many tourist spots intricate churches and temples, evergreen hills and mountains. Touring Goa will involve exploring sensuous beaches and historical forts that have kept the legacy of Portuguese alive. Good food and wine is served (albeit a bit costly according to Indian standards, but considering the absolutely great music they play and the ambiance, it’s worth it).

Enjoy a campfire with some local musicians playing some humming tunes on the guitar strings. Overnight at the hotel. Music and dance are the essential part of Goans, while in food and drink they love their traditional dishes, seafood and feni. Fairs, and festivals, nightlife, rave parties are also an important part of Goa’s life. The dance forms like Kunbi & Mando are vivid examples of this fusion of Oriental and Western cultures-with predominantly western music and oriental movements.

The Sinquerim beach, Goa, India

The discos are an amalgam of dance, music and drinks. So if you know how to shake a leg, you can look forward to a wonderful time ahead. A river cruise down the Mandovi river with a live display of music and dance by folk singers in traditional Goan costumes is extremely enjoyable.

Goa is mostly covered in forest and is discussed as being a well off bio-diversity destination in the world. The national geographic magazine has even compared it to the Amazon and the Congo basins for the diverse vegetation and numerous animal species it houses.

Mobor Beach, Goa, January

Bondla’s deciduous forests in house some manicured gardens within their vicinity. The major attraction of this place is its Nature Education Centre which has put a large number of natural exhibits on display. Goa, an endearing abode of scenic charm is a paradise, squeezed between the seas and the lush forested hills. Offering glistening sands, swaying coconut palms, and ultra fresh seafood.

Calengute Beach, Goa, India

Popularly known as Rome of the East, Old Goa has been declared as a World Heritage site by UNESCO and today is the state ‘s main cultural attraction. Boat Cruises are used for daily ‘live’ cultural shows performed by best cultural troups of Goa.

With fabulous beaches, cultural attractions and warm and friendly people, there can no better place than Goa for your Indian Holiday.

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