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Kura Hulanda Curacao$270 You'll never believe what we've found in the port city of Willemstad. This picturesque, Dutch town is home to a collection of 16 restored 18th and 19th century Dutch Colonial buildings. These form Kura Hulanda. No beach - but what a very special place. (By the way, you can be shuttled to the beach at any time.)

Dr Jacob Dekker Kura Hulanda MuseumThis is one of the most unusual and largest museums in the Caribbean. The exhibits are the dream of Dr. Jacob Gelt Dekker, a Dutchman who lives next to the museum. Spending most of his life assembling a grand collection of pieces from Africa and other lands, Dr. Dekker has created wonder. Here you will see a life-size reconstruction of a slave ship that once sailed the Ivory Coast. You'll find fossils, masks, dolls, sculptures, musical instruments and much more. The hours are 10 AM - 5 PM and admission is $6.00 for adults, $3.00 for children.

Dekker has also founded the Dekker Institute, a prominent research center that addresses the multi-cultural aspects of the diversity of Curacao's population. There are about 60 nationalities represented here among a population of 147 thousand - mainly with a strong African heritage.

Bedroom at Kura Hulanda Resort CuracaoAlong with the museum, you have the most unusual hotel in Curacao. It opens onto St. Anna Bay in the once quaint bayou of Otrabanda - close to the world famous Queen Emma Bridge. Dutch colonial culture is everywhere - architecture from the 18th and 19th centuries.

The bedrooms are wonderfully furnished with Indian marble bathrooms, complete with tub and shower. Some units even have kitchenettes. But don't use them. We know you'll want to savor every nuance of the Caribbean Curacao cuisine. You can't leave without a taste of tradition! Check out the local fare right in Willemstad.

Kura Hulanda Hotel CuracaoNot only have you found a hotel resort, but this eight-block mini village includes an anthropological museum, a casino, and a cultural research center.

When you walk through the doors you will find hand-carved Indonesian mahogany and teak antiques. Embroidered linens imported from Indian and walls painted by local artists make the Kura Hulanda an international beauty on this sleepy, Caribbean isle. You "could" spend the whole day just walking through the property and museum - but you won't want to as Curacao is a premiere diving location on the planet.
Kura Hulanda Hotel Gardens Curacao
Unlike any other property on Curacao, you will enjoy the magnificent, sophisticated courtyards connecting the building - each with its own music track. Don't worry about how they did that. Just take it as part of the wonderment behind it all. Enjoy. You're here to soak it all in.

Kura Hulanda CuracaoFrom their "Curacao Garden" come the freshest herbs. In the background, you'll hear the infamous notes of Caribbean Salsa music. And, while meringue lofts over the tandoori and sushi served by the Echo Pond Pool, you'll wonder what more you can fit in before you call it a night.

8 Langestraat, Willemstad - 877.264.3106 or 599.9.434.7700

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