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Central America and The Caribbean

We sat down here at the Three Best Beaches office, and asked each one what is the best beach location on the planet. One of the top answers was the Caribbean, and of course, Central America right up in there. This area, blessed by heaven and good political sense for the most part, is one of the most visited places on earth and with good reason. The beaches are second to none, even though many look alike, they are fantastic. For the Americas, it’s easy to get here. And with weather that is constant almost year-round, it’s a gem just waiting to be discovered. Shall we go?

Map of Central America and The Caribbean

I am not sure you could visit all of the fabulous beaches in Central America and The Caribbean in a lifetime, but it would be very fun to try. The top beaches are listed here with a look at why they are worth a visit. If you’re getting ready for a trip in the area, look up your beach, then when you come back, I invite you to upload your photos to share with others here.

Beaches in Aruba Aruba – Located a few miles off the coast of Venezuela, this Dutch gem has beaches on calm water and beaches on rough seas. Hold on to your hat! Aruba is wild and windy. Remember the suntan lotion.
Beaches in Bahamas Bahamas – Hundreds of miles of empty beaches just off the coast of Florida, Bahamas boasts crystal waters, pink beaches. Little wonder Merv Griffin chose Paradise Island here to build his mega resort Atlantis.
Belize vacation Belize – Dive? You know Belize. Not known for beaches, Belize, once a British colony, has a few beaches worth a look. But white sand and crystal clear water make it worth a visit, even if you don’t dive a lick.
Cancun Real World Cancun – A huge man-made tourist destination with dazzling clear water and soft coral sand. Nice, but some say a little too touristy. Still, there are some great places to explore around Cancun and the beaches are hard to beat.
Mexico Cozumel Cozumel – Like Aruba, Cozumel has a calm side and a rough side. Turquoise water and white sand. Great diving. The beaches might be hard to find so we’ve tracked them down for you. There is lots to do here, mainly exploring.
Beaches in Curacao Curaçao – Neighbor to Bonaire and Aruba, this island known for Blue Coconut Rum is a paradise for shore diving. Though most all the beaches require a fee to access, they are clean and beautiful. But few and far between.
The Dominican Republic and Punta Cana Dominican Republic – The new cool place to visit in the Caribbean. DR has long miles of beaches steeped in history. There is much interest in Punta Cana and now the northern side including Samana and beyond.
Cayman Islands Grand Cayman – No cayman here, but there are three choice beaches worth noting. Seven Mile Beach and Rum Point are heaven. One other beach turned out to be our favorite on our last day on the island. Take a look.
Grenada Caribbean Beaches Grenada – Loaded with surprise beaches and coves, Grenada has been a favorite for hundreds of years. The locals can guide you to a few gems, plus we found one or two off the beaten path we recommend.
San Juan and Puerto Rico Beaches Puerto Rico – Home to Blue Flag beaches, a delight to taste the extreme variety of conditions. Truely, something for everyone. We cover every coast and a few islands here, from surfing to swimming in bioluminescence.
Saint Martin Beaches St. Martin/Sint Maarten – Now famous for Orient Beach, one island with a split personality. French and Dutch live together separately. Some great shopping here when you’re not on the brilliant white beaches. If you’re staying, rent a car.
St John USVI and USVI Beaches US Virgin Islands – Three islands with many gems. And some great escapes that will surprise you. Some good ecology happening on the islands and the preservation means when you come your visit will be even better. US Citizens, no passport required.
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