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Whiteland Beach, Eleuthera – Bahamas

Whiteland Beach Eleuthera Bahamas

Secluded and romantic, Whiteland Beach is a favorite. The fact that there are plenty of places to eat along the shore is a good reason why the beach is so good. Eat, sleep not far, sun at the beach with the waves crashing. Listen to the breeze as it makes its way through the palm fronds. Are we in heaven? No, the Bahamas. Truly one of the better locations we’ve found on all our world travels, and this one is so close to home it’s crazy. What country wouldn’t be proud to have this as their drawing card. And yet the people here are what make it wonderful.

Whiteland Beach Eleuthera BahamasThe choice of many vacationers, Eleuthera is a great place to experience the contrast of a island economy working hard to make an impression. Not only awesome beaches, like Whiteland, but incredibly friendly people who know their roots. Make sure you tip the help. They make it what it is – a great beach destination.

South Eleuthera is known for its many beaches, but none are quite as beautiful as a little secluded wonder known as Whiteland Beach. This hard to reach beach is reef protected but still boasts a long beach with sun-whitened sand and beautiful areas of pink sand.

Walking into the water, you’ll instantly find that there is an even, sandy bottom and many natural tiny coves to swim around in. Swimming is perfect all day, but for those of you who prefer walking then you will want to visit in the mornings or the evenings. Even lounging on the beach has its perks! With its natural shading up and down the beach the seclusion is perfect for those of you who need a little getaway.

Whiteland Beach Eleuthera BahamasThere is a beautiful natural structure named “The Blue Window” on the northern end of Whiteland Beach. Imagine a cove with crystal clear water surrounded by a rock formation that was wind-beaten to form a small “window” in its center. At midday and with perfect lighting conditions you can see straight through the other side and capture a wonderful moment on film.

For those of you who love meditation, Whiteland Beach has beautiful mangrove gardens, which are very private with a calm atmosphere.

A few points to note that may make your stay better. Back from the shoreline, there are areas of mud. If you go exploring, make sure you take a walkie-talkie. The weather here is very humid from May to November. For this reason, you need to be aware of bugs that may interfere with your plans. Mosquitoes can be pests from dusk to dawn – with the exception of areas with good breeze.

This is a perfect beach because it is so secluded and hard to find, but it is definitely worth the time and effort of a little extra driving…

Whiteland Beach – BEACH INDEX:

  • Sand – Soft on the toes-White/Pink
  • Facilities – None, very secluded.
  • Shade – Natural, Palm trees along the beach.
  • Sports – Swimming and snorkeling are a must.
  • Notes – Calm beaches and many coves and pools add for extra relaxation and wonder.

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