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Punta Rusia Beach, Montecristi – Dominican Republic

Punta Rusia Beach Montecristi

Punta Rusia is one of the most picturesque beaches on the Dominican Republic‘s north shore. Lined with beautifully green coconut trees and speckled with a few fishing boats makes Punta Rusia one sleepy and delightful beach. Remember that picture in your mind you had as a kid of that laid back Caribbean beach? This is it.

Punta Rusia Beach MontecristiAnd a special treat; on Sundays you’ll find local musicians playing bouncy meringue tunes everywhere along Punta Rusia. What’s even more special, is that there is plenty of beach here to go around – so even on weekends – you won’t feel crowded out.

Shade abounds with thatched huts in various locations along the strand. Umbrellas can be rented as well. There’s a small reef that follows the beach in some areas, so snorkeling can be good if the surf is low.

Otherwise, there is too much silt to see much. A local operator can run you out to “Paradise Island” where snorkeling is perfect. On the way back, you can pass by mangroves and check out the wildlife.

Punta Rusia Beach MontecristiPunta Rusia Beach is shallow. The bottom is silty and sometimes muddy. Another thing to note is that there may be a few dogs along the beach.

This is normal. Some are strays – some belong to the local food vendors at the beach.

Punta Rusia – BEACH INDEX:

  • Sand – beautiful gold, mostly coral but some rock/silt mix.
  • Facilities – full service.
  • Shade – huts, umbrellas, trees line the beach.
  • Sports – banana boats, speed boats to Paradise Island for snorkeling. Nice swimming beach.
  • Notes – major tourist beach in the area. Not crowded.

This is really a gem. When you come here, you’ll see immediately that there is a lot of beach for few people. And the sun is amazing – full day with gentle breezes – you’ll think you’re in paradise. Locals have great food very close and you’ll want to take some local money to be able to bargain. Don’t forget the tanning lotion; it does get sunny here!

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