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Parrot Cay Beach Turks and Caicos

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Parrot Cay is a private island where a luxurious 5 star resort with exclusive facilities has become a favorite of celebrities and movie stars. It is believed that the original name of this high, well watered island was Pirate Cay. Unrivalled experience and personal touch of the staff here will ensure that your Luxury Holiday at Parrot Cay with be an unforgettable experience. When booking your Holiday to Parrot Cay do not forget to call on us first. Donna Karan’s private chef, Jill Pettijohn, had a big hand in developing the organic, nondairy Shambhala menu, according to Parrot Cay’s recently departed chef, Claudia Dunlop.

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You can try on Parrot Cay vacations Yoga and Pilates that are taught daily (except Wednesday) in a stunning pavilion overlooking the calm waters of the lagoon and on the leeward side of Parrot Cay.
It starts with nature-or, rather, reverence for the natural. As with all good things, expansion is eminent on Parrot Cay. Debuting this winter is the Pirate House, a single family, two story dwelling that is the renovated remains of a home once populated by Provo resident Tommy Coleman and Countess Helen Czernin decades ago.


French Cay, on the southwest corner of the Caicos Bank, is widely worshiped for its superb wall diving.The mountains you see on the Ambergris Cays are the huge piles of conch shells left by the local fishermen. Vacation activities include tennis, swimming in the 5,500-square-foot infinity edge pool, scuba diving and fishing. Crystal clear turquoise water surround its 3.2 miles of white sand beaches while groves of cactus and thickly entwined scrub bush with acres of spreading mangroves and wetlands enhance the natural beauty of this island. Offering a wonderful program of regular yoga and healing retreats.


In a pavilion overlooking the island’s wetlands, practice yoga with the world’s leading teachers during dedicated retreat weeks, taking advantage of COMO Shambhala’s extensive retreat facilities. As tall egrets pick noiselessly through the shallows, melt beneath the hands of specialised therapists who administer Asian-inspired holistic therapies, honed by international health consultants. The island has been left largely in its scrubby state; the resort hasn’t even erected palapas on the long, often deserted sateen-sand beach. The other pole is nurture-the spa, which nearly doubled in size last year, and the Shambhala menu, for which there is a separate chef.

The watersports center (SCUBA, snorkel, boats etc.), with in the background Parrot Cay villas

All guests of Parrot Cay, sixteen years and older, have complimentary use of the spa facilities during their stay. This includes use of all cardiovascular and resistance equipment, fitness classes, spa pool, wet areas, and locker rooms. Parrot Cay, on the other hand, works by a process of addition.

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  • hercules July 17, 2009, 6:55 pm

    The beach is like talcum powder.
    It’s a nice place.
    Blowing constantly, the wind is good for sailing.
    Bound by shades of turquoise, it was destroyed by a hurricane last year.

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