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Coki Point Beach – St. Thomas USVI

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Coki Point Beach - St. Thomas USVI

Since this is one of the main hang outs of the locals on St. Thomas, you may find it a tad crowded from time to time, and especially on weekends. Think about it – great expanse, fine location, facilities nearby, including food and shade – it’s practically perfect. But we’ve had some reports that it isn’t being kept up. Have you been here and if so, what did you find? Let us know by contacting us here using the menu. We’ll let you know what we hear so you can enjoy the best. And granted, St. Thomas has some of the best in the world.

Traveling up to the northeast near Coral World, is another excellent beach on St. Thomas. It’s called Coki Point. As soon as you set foot here, you’ll fall in love. The sand is simply grand – high quality and clean.

Coki Point Beach - St. Thomas USVIWhat makes Coki Point so special is that it has a beautiful beach where the whole family can hang out the whole day; it has a wonderful rock outcropping which makes for some of the best snorkeling on the island; there is Coral World nearby, in case you want to see more sea life up close and personal; and it is well located.

The water is crystal-clear and warm. And if you decide to snorkel, you’ll be in for a treat. Just below that transparent surface are thousands of beautifully colored fish, swimming among great coral formations. The rocks are great, but check out around the Coral World underwater tower as well.

Coki Point Beach - St. Thomas USVI

And the locals are in on the act as well. They have small zipper lock bags of food you can take with you while snorkeling to feed the fish. Take that underwater disposable camera!

From the beach you’ll see Thatch Cay, just offshore. That’s a trip in itself!

Because of all these pluses, there’s a minus. Coki Point Beach is often crowded. The bus stops right in front of Coral World. So watch your personal items, but enjoy your day!


  • Sand – brilliant white from coral.
  • Facilities – full.
  • Shade – palm trees and umbrellas.
  • Sports – everything from scuba to waterskiing right here.
  • Notes – good but can get crowded.

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  • Anonymous March 18, 2007, 11:26 pm

    I just got back from USVI St. Thomas after staying there from March 10-17, 2007. While there I visited Coki Point Beach and was absolutely disappointed. The bathrooms were DISGUSTING. There were beer cans a glass bottles strewn throughout the beach sand. Coki Point was severely overcrowded and had a really creepy vibe ot it. There are far better kept beaches on St. Thomas, and I don’t recommend anyone wasting a single minute at this overrated beach.

  • Liz Muller May 19, 2010, 4:12 pm

    My husband and I visited Coki Beach for our very first trip to the USVI in February 2009. Actually it was the very first beach that we went to and we will never go back there again. We were very disappointed. I felt very uncomfortable there. The beach itself was very small, and there were a lot of people, cruise ship guests had arrived shortly after we did. The locals are immediately near your car as soon as you get out because they want to assist you so that they can get a tip. We brought our own beach chairs and they did not like this. The only good thing about it was the snorkeling. We have returned to St.Thomas two times since that first visit and we have never returned to Coki Beach and never will. Try Secret Harbour for snorkeling. Its absolutely beautiful and they even have an inexpensive resturant where you can have lunch or dinner overlooking the water.

  • Dave Jackson May 19, 2010, 4:19 pm

    My goodness, thank you SO much for your comment. Secret Harbour it is! We’ll pass the word along here. And thanks again, Liz. Much appreciated. Our review of Secret Harbour is here.

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