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Grand Beach – St. Thomas USVI

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Grand Beach - St. Thomas USVI

There’s nothing big about big about Grand Beach and that’s fine with us. You may even be one of the few out there for a bit on any given day except weekends because of the location. Like secluded? We do, too. The sweet part is that the water here and sand are simply unbelievable. The open bay makes this an infinity pool of sorts that almost overloads the senses. Grab the beach towel and a good book, or take the camera because Grand will not disappoint.

Fish feeding near Grand Beach, over at Coki Beach.

Short and sweet and just off Route 38, you’ll find Grand Beach. As a matter of fact, on your rush to Coral World or Coki Point, you may just pass it. But don’t! Find a parking spot and gather your things for a day at the Grand.

Grand Beach - St. Thomas USVIThis is one of the secret beaches that many simply run by on their way past Smith Bay. Here, you will find some of the best sand on the island; certainly one of the best views, and in our opinion, one of most charming.

It’s not just for laying back, however. Grand Beach is outfitted with some of the best water sports. You’ll find everything here from snorkel to diving, kayaking to beach floaties.

Grand Beach - St. Thomas USVIYou can also rent items from your hotel. That may be cheaper. Just check their rates and know that the beaches will all have about the same going rates for rentals.

What you don’t want to forget is that you can make a good deal simply by doing a little research at your hotel or condo using the Internet and checking the local rentals. We found that there is some healthy competition among companies wanting to cash in on the tourist dinero. It just makes sense to have the scales tip your way…and that’s what we’re here for.

So mark this one down, or print it out – Grand Beach, off Route 38, not too far from Coki Point Beach. Visit the Coral World Aquarium while you’re there.

Discover peace and beauty right in the beautiful U.S. Virgin Islands.

Grand Beach – BEACH INDEX:

  • Sand – mainly medium grain, soft – from coral.
  • Facilities – full.
  • Shade – both palms and umbrellas.
  • Sports – a variety of good sports are available here.
  • Notes – recommended.

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