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Sapphire Beach – St. Thomas USVI

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Sapphire Beach, St Thomas, USVI

Here’s a beach that is fun for walking and nice for swimming in a few good areas. But along the shore there has always been shallow grassy areas that give way to a near shore reef. That can be creepy walking through if you’ve never done it, but remember you don’t have to enter there. You can go around to the Doubletree and enter there, then slowly make your way out with snorkel and fins and gently glide over the beauty of this small bay. Well worth a day trip here.

When you arrive at Sapphire Beach, St. Thomas, you can visualize that there must have been some settlement here long before the current Doubletree Sapphire Beach Resort and Marina. Because of the nature of the coast, one can imagine a ship offshore and small dinghies making their way to the beach. With St. John in the distance, protection was good from the open ocean.

Sapphire Beach, St Thomas, USVIOne thing that keeps ships away from shore are the large reefs. Many a ship has gone down because of a collision with the hard formation. Sapphire Beach boasts one of the largest reefs, close to shore.

No ship has gone down here, that we know of, anyway, but the reef adds to the charm of this lovely cove. Walk along the shore and take in the waves as they end in the sand, or walk among the trees, some with spectacular blooms in Caribbean colors!

You can lunch at the Doubletree, while you’re watching the boats go about the offshore cays, and the windsurfers who enjoy the direction and speed of the wind here. You can rent snorkel gear and umbrella shade right at the beach.

To get to Sapphire Beach, take the east end bus from town in the direction of Red Hook. Tell the driver you’d like to get off at the entrance to Sapphire Bay. You’ll have to walk a piece, but it’s not far. Plan on spending the day!

Don’t forget the suntan lotion!

Sapphire Beach – BEACH INDEX:

  • Sand – white/medium grain/some debris.
  • Facilities – the Doubletree.
  • Shade – some trees line the shore.
  • Sports – rental at the beach.
  • Notes – recommended.

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