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Paradise Island Cozumel

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Cozumel III 2005 (16)

Is it Paradise Island or Paradise Beach? The cruise ships will take you to Paradise Beach. The underwater landscape includes majestic cliffs, canyons, tunnels, and cathedrals overgrown with black coral, sponges, and giant sea fans. The reefs and walls support a prolific amount of friendly fish life such as giant groupers and angelfish. The internet has also grown tremendously along with it.

When visitors travel to Cozumel Mexico they want to know in advance where the best restaurants are, what are the best things to do, tour operators, SCUBA diving, beaches, and so on. The shopper in you will be delighted as you stroll the island capital of San Miguel, home to many stores and shops that offer precious jewelry, handmade Mexican linens, artwork, leather products, clothing, and much more.

Paradise Beach

Discover Mexico is a scenic park that offers a compilation of the most representative and important sites, lifestyles and handicrafts in the country. A day spent here will ensure your visit to Cozumel is an exciting, culturally nutritious and unique experience. Cozumel offers you so much to do when on vacation.Some of the activities include scuba diving, Cozumel hosts the second biggest reef in the world. When you talk about Cozumel diving you are truly talking about some of the best diving in the world.

Even though hotels, restaurants, and other business have sprung up to serve tourists, when you visit Cozumel you’ll still feel as if you’re light years away from the rest of the world. Private snorkeling tours and bonefishing too. Lunch, beer, transportation, gear, water, soft drinks, water and snacks all included in one low price. Eco tourism is a growing market within the tourism industry and Cozumel is also renowned for its biodiversity.

You can find quite a number of endemic species to this island, a couple of there are many species endemic to this region of Mexico – some of which are near extinction and many of which are endangered, this attracts many visitors to wonder at the passing beauty of these species.

Paradise Island, Cozumel, Mexico

Like most touristy beach locales, shopping in Cozumel is mostly T-shirts, knick-knacks and cheap silver jewelry. There’s a small handicraft market in San Miguel, where you can find regional Mexican crafts of mixed quality. While we were standing around waiting a short little man came up and ask if we wanted a snorkel tour. I instantly remembered what you had said and looked at his name tag. Be sure to take advantage of their included tours, as most other hotels will charge you extra. Let them know if you are honeymooners.

Cozumel Tourism locations experienced some damage in year 2005 from the hurricane Wilma and some of the information mentioned here might have changed. We have tested all of our family friendly tours with our Island Marketing Ltd families. All of our Cozumel Family Friendly excursions will list minimum ages (when applicable) and provide other helpful planning advise. The town is developed and touristy but not as much as Cancun or Cozumel.

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