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We know a lot of Europeans fly to the Caribbean or South Florida to “holiday” and they’re probably the chaps who have been to the beaches on our list here. So we’ll forgive them for leaving Europe this time. But we want to show you what awesome beaches grace the shores of some of the most beautiful places you can find. We’ve visited Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, and a few countries you wouldn’t expect to have such treasures. If you’re ready to jump in, lets check out the Best Beaches of Europe!

Map of Europe

Western Europe
Beaches of England England – Among the rocky coastline there are some very good beaches in England, from Brighton to Porth Chapel. Plus who could discount the wonderful land of tea and antiquity?
Beaches of France France – Romantic and so full of history, if you don’t check out the French Riviera, you’ve missed the best beaches of France. Please suggest more beaches.
Portugal beaches Portugal – Beaches here vary widely so there is truly something for everyone. Rocky, sandy, powdery, they all are worth a visit. And the people here will want you to come home with them to eat and drink.
Beaches in Scotland Scotland – So many people come here to get away from the city. The beaches are picturesque and the surf soothing. There are beach houses right along the shore. The sand is tan and the wind brisk.
Southern Europe
Beaches of Italy Italy – Castles, great coffee, long beautiful beaches with terrain that is so pleasing it looks as if out of a storybook. Some pebble beaches, some sandy with great facilities. Italy’s beaches are romantic.
Beaches of Spain Spain – Diverse beaches from El Sardinero to Barcelona. Wide stretches of sand that go on as far as the eye can see. Spanish hospitality. What more could we want for a vacation. Watch the videos here.
Eastern Europe
Beaches in Greece Greece – Made up of dozens of islands and the mainland, Greece beaches are some of the most contrasting. Check out a full report of the country.