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Albufeira Beaches Portugal

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Albufeira is a city in the district of Faro in Portugal. Although the recorded population is around 35,000 inhabitants, this grows quite a bit in the summer, when European tourists flock to the area. Albufeira is an International Centre noted for its rich and diverse cuisine. The great variety of restaurants offer everything from regional dishes to the more refined specialities of French, Italian or German cooking. Albufeira is about a 45-minute drive ( 47 km or 29 miles) west from Faro , and its airport. If you are renting a car (perfect for sightseeing trips to all the little towns and beaches!), this is likely where you will pick it up.

Albufeira - Praia dos Pescadores (Algarve)
Albufeira – Praia dos Pescadores

Nightlife in Albufeira is the liveliest in the Algarve with a large number of pubs, clubs and discos. Here it is possible to dance and party from sun down to sun up. Albufeira is a perfectly located astonishing little town in the heart of Algarve. It used to be a small fishing village back in the 60’s, but since then it has grown into a popular holiday resort for tourists from all over the world. Albufeira is great, but I would encourage you to explore the rest of Algarve, especially the eastern part, where the beaches are less crowded and the water is a fewer degrees warmer. Check out a little island beach in Cacela Velha, which is only an hour away from the condo and driving is very easy.

495 Praia da Lagoa da Albufeira

Dubbed the “St Tropez” of the Algarve, Albufeira is one of the main tourist towns not just of the Algarve but also of the whole of Portugal. Famed for its racy nightlife, Albufeira is well endowed with discos, bars and restaurants. Albufeira is at the center of one of the great beach side tourist developments in Portugal . Albufeira was at one time a thriving fishing village where Portugal fishing flourished but now it is somewhat washed away by a tide of tourism and is now a major holiday resort in the southern region of Portugal.

DSCF3126 Albufeira - The beach nocturnal - Portugal

Though the charm of Albufeira is obvious, it also has plenty of modern conveniences. Although Albufeira is known as a major tourist resort, it is amazing that you still find hardly any tourists in the old center. When coming from the Tunnel (every tourist will end up there) turn right and you will arrive at the central place of Albufeira with all its restaurants. The nightlife in Albufeira is geared towards the younger crowd with The Strip, situated near the Montechoro area, being especially popular. Linekers, Cafe Del Mar and La Bamba are among the most popular bars in the city while Kiss is the number one nightclub.

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