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We Visit Beaches Along the French Riviera

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Ah, the French Riviera. The area of the world that almost all beach areas are compared to. And why not? Beautiful people keep gravitating toward the wonderful weather, picturesque beaches and dreamy coastline. Take for example, Cannes. Mega-million dollar yachts and shopping that won’t end. Make sure you want to be pampered non-stop, here.

Don’t forget the annual film festival in May – Cannes is full of life and culture. The beach at Cannes is both sandy and rocky and you have to pick a spot early to get the best this French beach has to offer. Stay at the beach for a bit, then walk along the coastal road taking in the many stores and cafes that abound here.

Nice, France Beach

Along the Cote d’Azur there are some great beach locations where you can lay and soak in the sun in this part of France. Take a ride on one of the many boats designed to show off this beautiful coast as you look back and see the glamorous buildings that make up this fairy tale countryside.

After the beach, take in the many museums and historic stops you can find on any local touristic map available at all the hotels and many restaurants. Plan to reserve as far in advance as you can so you can get not only a good rate, but an excellent location in the Cote d’Azur area.

Beautiful Cote d'Azur, France

In France the beach is called a “plage” or “plages,” so there are a couple we want you to take note of that we here at Three Best Beaches found worthy to visit. Take the beaches between Plages du Midi and the Plages de la Bocca. These are fine and not too crowded and are west of Cannes. Enjoy them! There are tons of places to grab lunch or dinner and stores abound. You’ll also find many facilities all along the beachfront.

French Riviera beach

Taking a boat southwest you can travel to the Plage de Pampelonne area. This is far from Cannes, so plan accordingly. The cost of living is fairly high here, too. Know that accommodations and food will be higher than most places in France.

You can keep going further down the coastline, but that’s not the French Riviera. If you have the time to take in the cities around this area of France: Cannes, Saint-Tropez, Antibes, please take them all in. They each have their very own personality.

Beach South France

It doesn’t really matter what time of year you come although summer seems to bring the most people. Winter has its own wonderful touch with sun and cool weather and the cafes brimming with people chatting about all that makes up the European lifestyle.

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