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Prince Edward Island, Canada

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Imagine more than 26 golf courses on that island. Imagine vistas of white, champagne, pink and red beaches; or ocean waters extending far, far beyond the horizon. All the spiritual gurus and coaches create an imaginary spiritual world around us.

Prince Edward Island is continually rated as having the best value golf vacations in North America by Score magazine and always has courses amongst the highest rated for playing by various golf authorities. PEI’s golf resorts have accommodations close by and you will have a wide selection of cottages, bed and breakfasts, inns, campgrounds, summer homes, motels and hotels that will fit every pocket book. Prince Edward Island issued 500 sets of these experimental reflective plates (numbered 30-001 through 30-500) at the beginning of 1969. They held up spectacularly poorly to the brutal winters of the island, and were gradually replaced with standard non-reflective plates between 1970 and 1972.


With a population of just under 136,000, Prince Edward Island is the smallest, most densely populated, and most rural of all Canadian provinces. Tourism promoters describe the Island as the Garden in the Gulf, and the agricultural sector is seen as integral to the Island economy and aesthetic.Since Prince Edward Island is surrounded by water you are never to far from the breathtaking views of the gentle island. Prince Edward Island is a one of a kind vacation destination that suits children and adults alike. If you like to golf the island boasts several golf courses that are sure to thrill and challenge you. Prince Edward Island is a Canadian province consisting of an island of the same name. The maritime province is the smallest in the nation in both land area and population (excluding the territories).

Panmure Island Beach at Sunrise, Prince Edward Island

The lighthouse was relocated closer to the water in 1885, and then returned to its original site in 1908 when threatened by erosion. Erosion is a continuing problem, and in the spring of 2008 the fog signal/visitor center building was relocated next to the tower to escape the waves. Known as the “Cradle of Confederation,” it was the site of the Charlottetown Conference of 1864, which led to the federation of Canada. It became a province in 1873. If you’re interested in buying your own piece of PEI, look around our site.

Greenwich Dunes is a 900-acre area internationally known for its unique dune system, extensive variety of plant and bird species and significant Aboriginal and Acadian archeological sites. Blown by prevailing winds, these relatively undisturbed dunes migrate in the direction of the forest at a rate of 2 to 4 meters per year leaving behind a series of counter-ridges, or Gegenwalle, the only landform of its kind in North America.

Lobster on the Wharf! ... Prince Edward Island

Although getting there requires only a flight of less than two and a half hours from New York to Halifax, Nova Scotia, followed by a 30-minute flight from Halifax to Charlottetown, the island’s capital, few Americans make the trip. For that matter not many Canadians bother. Next, take a round-trip, 20-minute drive over the famed Confederation Bridge that spans the Northumberland Strait. The sky-high view from the 200-foot-tall bridge is amazing! You simply use it when you need it and pay only for the minutes you use.

The high season is during the summer months of July and August, although increased travel by American visitors during September and October for fall foliage tours. The province is less dependent on the ground fishery than the other Atlantic Provinces, with fishing being dominated by shellfish harvesting – most notably lobster. The position offers: research assistance, a stipend of $4,800.00, a travel budget of $4,000.00 and the use of the LMMI office and research room. Car pool, lift share, drivers traveling with riders, commuters start van pooling ride sharing, liftsharing or hitch a ride or start a lift club. Contact other commuters needing or offering a ride.

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