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Playa del Amor – Cabo San Lucas

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Playa del Amor - Cabo San Lucas

Ah…even the name sounds so wonderfully inviting. Playa del Amor, Cabo. The beach of Love. Imagine yourself here. This is one spectacle that bears a visit. Not only is the sand outstanding, but the scenery is out of this world. Rustic and at the same time compelling. It’s as if God came here and spent a day making beautiful things of the rocks and sea. And, it’s still here for you to enjoy. It bears noting that this is still Los Cabos, and the sea here is to be highly respected. Currents and powerful waves control the shore and enlist a sense of care for the elements you may not have back home.

Here’s a beach where when you look up and around you see rock formations like Neptune’s Finger and The Arch. There are more unusual rock formations around Playa del Amor than any of Cabo San Lucas’ other beaches. Take your camera – you’ll get some great pictures.

Neptune's Finger, CaboThe towering rock formations are just one piece of the beauty. The other key is the pristine water that surround the rock and beach. Two bodies of water meet at Playa del Amor; the Pacific Ocean on one side, and the Sea of Cortes on the other.

Hidden behind Cabo San Lucas’ landmark, El Arco, or The Arch at Land’s End is Playa del Amor – Lover’s Beach! Yes, tourists come here because of the beauty and because it makes up the commercialism now a part of Cabo San Lucas. You’ll find pictures of Playa del Amor on every Cabo poster and brochure – so naturally, people want to see what’s out here.

Playa del Amor, Cabo San LucasHey, you can swim here! Plus, there are water- sports run by local com- panies, and some hotels. But make sure you’re on the Sea of Cortes side, the calmer bay. You’ll be entertained by the many schools of colored fish if you choose snorkeling at Lover’s Beach (Playa del Amor). And the water is quite clear. Stay along the rocky outcroppings and you’ll see all kinds of marine life.

There is an area on the Pacific Ocean side so rough the locals call in Divorce Beach. It’s extremely dangerous so don’t venture in, or around the rocks where waves come crashing ashore. Waves have been known to pull people off the rocks and out to sea where rescue can take time. No fooling.

People arriving at Playa del Amor, Cabo San LucasPlaya del Amor is highly recommend. It’s breathtaking and so natural. What makes it so is the contrast of the two seas as they come together here. What beauty! We can’t say enough.

To get to Playa del Amor, try taking a Water Taxi from the Cabo San Lucas marina.

Playa del Amor – BEACH INDEX:

  • Sand – mainly medium grain from rock. No coral or shell.
  • Facilities – none, but beach vendors abound.
  • Shade – none.
  • Sports – kayaking, jetski, boating, snorkeling.
  • Notes – highly recommended. Dangerous on the Pacific side. Use extreme caution!

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