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Holbox Island Cancun Quintana Roo

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Holbox Island is a unique Mexican destination, unspoiled by mass tourism. It is a quiet place to enjoy nature and relax. Holbox Island is very charming, you will be in an environment that is not crowded at all and the nature is just fantastic, including the birds around the area. Most of Holbox island is unreachable other than by boat and remains uninhabited. A refreshing sea breeze is constantly blowing. North of the little town, the beaches are composed of sand and crushed sea shells. Walk a little either west or east, and you see less and less of the crushed sea shells. The multitude of intact shells washed up by currents on the sugary, white-sand beaches make great, free souvenirs, as well as fun collectibles crafted by the locals. Most of the island’s shore is white sandy beach where you can find all types of shells washed up by northern flowing currents. Conch end up on the beach after local divers harvest them for commercial fishing purposes.


And the island has its own guitar maker! Couple this with planned ECO style outdoor nature preserve camps at either end of this master planned 35 Km long glimmering white sand Gulf Of Mexico beach. We’re talking something, bigger, wider, & deeper than Cancun’s hotel zone in total area! Holbox Island offers several miles of unspoiled beaches , full of seashells and lush mangrove vegetation. The seawaters change tone, going from the turquoise blue of the Caribbean, to the emerald blue of the Gulf of Mexico. There are several hotels, from small hostels to three-star hotels on the beach. We recommend Hotel Faro Viejo and Los Mapaches.You will find restaurants with delicious typical cuisine along with national and international dishes.

holbox coast

Bird watching, fishing & fine sand beaches are amazing – a nature lover’s paradise! Up to today the island is still using the fishing industries as there biggest economic resource, slowly but determined converting the industrial fishing to turistic fishing tours and other turistic activities. With the warm welcome of the local people, the untouched nature, and the freedom you feel when entering the island is not comparable to any other turistical destination.

The whale shark is the largest fish in existence today; they normally grow to up to 50 feet (15m). The whale shark prefers waters of warm surface temperature with a cold undercurrent – conditions that favor blooms of miniscule plankton on which the sharks love to feed. According to scientists who work in this area, the waters surrounding Holbox Island have the highest concentration of whale sharks in the world. Take advantage of this opportunity and swim with these friendly animals that measure up to 42 feet long. Considered best location on the island on the northern tip of the Yucatan Peninsula, this hotel is in Holbox Island two blocks away from the main square in Quintano Roo, Mexico an area known as home to whale sharks. It is only 1 hour & 30 minutes from Cancun.

Downtown Holbox

Whale sharks are one of the largest fish in the Ocean and migrate to Isla Holbox once per year. During the months of July and August, visitors can snorkel with these extremely docile and fascinating ocean creatures in the Gulf of Mexico.

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