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Playa Las Palmas – San Pedro Beach, Todos Santos, Mexico

Playa Las Palmas, Todos SantosWe’ve given you our tips on the beaches around Cabo, but Todos Santos in Mexico’s Baja California Sur must be acknowledged as well. This sits about an hour from Cabo San Lucas and is in a farm district. So think rolling hills of sugar cane, vegetables and fruits, and you’ve got the picture. Our first beach to feature here is Playa Las Palmas (also known as Playa San Pedro), or the Palms Beach.

Playa Las Palmas/San Pedro beach is a quarter mile crescent that is picturesque in that it is bordered by rock outcroppings. And as its namesake, there are palm trees at the beach line which behind there is this cool lagoon filled with all sorts of critters. In fact, if you’re the exploring type, look for an abandoned ranch from the sugar cane days nearby.

Baja California Beach Safety

Playa San Pedro, Todos SantosOf all the beaches along Baja California, this is one of the few that is OK for swimming and only because it is protected by the rocks that form the crescent. You can also get a little wave action at Playa Las Palmas if you like to body board or body surf. Please use extreme caution with any of the beaches along the Pacific side of Baja California. Undertows and crazy currents have been known to exhaust even the most experienced swimmer.

Arrive early for the best places on the beach and because the beach closes at 6 PM. To get here you simply turn left at the Todos Santos Research Station (Campo Experimental) and go down the dirt road until you arrive at Playa Las Palmas/San Pedro.  It can be a challenge to find the turn onto the dirt road. Free parking!

We did mention the old ranch and invite you to explore. This is something you won’t see back home and worth a look. Remember that you will be far from any convenience store so sunblock and food and water are totally up to you.

So if you are vacationing in nearby Cabo, know that in Todos Santos is the famous Hotel California that many say is where the Eagles got the name for their very famous 1980’s hit song. You can visit it and take a bunch of pictures as it sits just north and up the highway from this beach.

Also know that as you keep driving north you hit the long beaches of the Todos Santos area which are simply splendid. However, the rock outcroppings and surrounding palms makes this just a scene out of a coffee table book and you can say you’ve been there. Come soon!

Coming soon to this area is a huge mega-resort. We hope you can see the beach and surrounds before that happens.

Playa Las Palmas – Playa San Pedro – Beach Index:

  • Tan to white sand in unusual shapes due to the constant wave action.
  • Limited facilities, no stores, sports
  • Wide beach with tons of exploring to do
  • Very picturesque and worth the drive
  • Dangerous current make swimming here risky

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