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Huntington Beach – More Than Cosmetic Surgery

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Head down to the beach and you can see, Huntington Beach is much more than sand and surf. You can swim, skate, surf, sightsee, shop and snack. Cosmetic dentistry, breast augmentation, or reduction, tummy tucks, plastic surgery, all are just about synonymous with Huntington Beach, California. And it’s not anyone’s fault – that’s the lure of the sea. When you see great waves and beautiful beach, there’s going to be beautiful bodies following close behind. It seems some sort of mystical attraction. And I’ve seen it in so many places on the globe. However, one thing sets these folks apart from say, Hawaii, where beautiful beaches abound. There is a sense of one-upsmanship that you don’t find in Hawaii. If I had a tummy tuck last year and you had a breast job – well, I’m thinking I don’t want to be outdone. Kinda silly, and that doesn’t happen much in Hawaii.


Those who love being outdoors can experience the waves, ride the skate parks and paths and lay on the sandy beach all year long at Huntington Beach. Adults, children and teens love to sit along Main Street, too, and dine on delicious foods while watching the parade of swim suits, surf boards and traffic pass through a five block stretch of shops and outdoor cafes. Located next door to the Equestrian Center and across the street from Central Library in Central Park West, this course begins on a hilltop near Golden West Street and takes players through shaded fields adjacent to the horse facility. In existence for over 20 years in Huntington Beach, recent improvements such as a pro shop with disc sales & trade ins, soft drinks and a portable rest room are worth the minimal fee for all day play.

[singlepic=14,400,,,left]Fees at the other beaches are determined by California State Parks and are a different price than City Beach fees. And I found they have a rather large film office, eager to assist film crews and production companies with everything from locating parking to securing proper permits quickly and efficiently. Fees are competitive, and tight schedules are no problem as our staff is eager and trained to help. The downtown area is known for its nine miles of spacious, sandy beaches, beautiful park system, newly renovated Main Street lined with unique shops, and restaurants offering a wide range of cuisines. The Huntington Beach Pier is one of the largest pleasure piers in the world.

[singlepic=15,400,,,right]So, top icons include the HB Pier, several statues scattered around the anchor downtown area, and of course, you’ll want to grab a shot of the beach. Event driven, you may arrive on the scene for an event such as sports competitions, games or concerts and parades. Duke’s, at the foot of the Huntington Beach Pier is a popular surfer’s hangout, serving Hawaiian-inspired cuisine. And later, we all found our favorite energy drink, Verve. Thankfully, I get an order of 24 cans every single month. Don’t know what I’d do without it – and any sort of sports routine.

[singlepic=16,400,,,left]Parking is close, food is easily found, rentals of all types abound (especially near the pier), and lifeguards are on duty daily. Surfing is restricted during heavy crowds between the pier and Beach Blvd. There is plenty of metered parking available in lots along side Pacific Coast Highway. The meter fee is $.25 for each 10 minutes. Sporting facilities such as volleyball, baseball, soccer and the scenic beauty of the many parks ensure that the recreational options cater for people of every age and fitness level. Those who buy Huntington Real estate also enjoy the wide range of world class dining, shopping and entertainment choices provided in the city. Surfing, skating and surf fishing are also popular. Huntington Beach State Park is a remarkable place of varied habitats for your camping experience. A freshwater lagoon is home to marsh hens and alligators.

Just a short walk away (3 blocks) is the newest shopping area -The Strand-. On Tuesday afternoon each week, Main street is closed to traffic and becomes a marketplace with crafts, fresh produce, street entertainers and kids rides. With a vibrant shopping district, this city’s downtown area features many local shops, restaurants and cafes. House hunters searching the Orange County real estate market will also appreciate the beautiful homes available in Huntington Beach. You can break up the hike by cooling you feet at the jetty or enjoy a picnic basket at one of several picnic areas dotting the park.

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