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Amelia Island State Park

Playing in sand at Amelia Island State Park beach
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When you stop in at Fernandina Beach, or even the Amelia Island Island Plantation Resort, what you think might be anti-climatic is actually a place that is worth a visit when in the area; on the island. Amelia Island State Park is wilderness; well, the island left at its best by what humans could leave their hands off of since the land was turned into a park in the day.

If you’re a wilderness beach type, Amelia Island State Park, eight miles south of Fernandina Beach city limits, along the very famous Highway A1A, on Amelia Island, has 200 acres of land to roam, hike, explore, ride horseback. Actually, you can do more at the park, like swimming along the beach, or fish, or ride horses right one the sand!

Amelia Island State Park has a nice beach much like that of Fernandina Beach and Summer Beach. Since this is a State Park, you’re guaranteed that it will be well groomed and taken care of. To speak of fishing, some of the best can be done casting from the shore or the mile-long fishing bridge extending into Nassau Sound, where the state record flounder was hauled in and redfish and speckled trout are common catches.

Check out the Kelly Seahorse Ranch (7500 First Coast Highway, Amelia Island, 1-904-491-5166) serving the park with guided horseback rides that cost about $35 and go out four times daily. Call for more information and reservations.

Aerial picture of Amelia Island State ParkTo find out more about Amelia Island State Park, please call them at 1-904-251-2320. You will get directions, good lodging tips in the area, and where to eat for kiddies or adults. The people at the state park are just like you and I and enjoy going out on a good day as well. Just know they stand most of the day and meet and greet some awful people along with the awesome people!

Who would know?

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Location: eight miles south of Fernandina Beach along Highway A1A
Parking: free parking lots
Hours: 8 AM – sunset
Facilities: restrooms only

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