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Cottesloe Beach, Perth, Australia

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Girls on the Beach at Cottesloe Perth Australia

Most of our beaches lay on the East Coast of Australia, and that’s where most of the tourists go. The West Coast, with the city of Perth as its anchor, can offer you the perfect beach experience, with miles and miles of coast all to yourself. One of the best on this side of the continent is Cottesloe Beach. Cottesloe is Perth’s most popular beach, and the town it’s centered in is also one of the most affluent suburbs of the great city. At only a 15 minute drive from the city center, this beach is one of your best options while staying in Perth.

Beauty of the Beach at Cottesloe Perth Australia

The beach itself is a marvelous stretch of white sand, with warm Indian Ocean water beating waves down the coast. You can see for miles in either direction, one of the best unspoiled views from any beach in Australia. Swimmer, surfers, and bodyboarders all enjoy Cottesloe, along with snorkelers perusing through nearby reefs. There are a bunch of shops that rent out both surfboards and snorkeling gear. There are also convenient facilities available such as toilets, showers, and picnic tables.

If you’re lucky, you’ll catch the Rottnest Channel Swim from Cottlesloe Beach out to Rottnest Island. At a distance of over 20 miles, this is one of the longest open water swims in the world. The youngest swimmer to complete this epic journey was only 13 years old. Rottnest Island is Australia’s Alcatraz, having once served as a prison.

End a day in Perth with a beautiful sunset over the Indian Ocean facing west. That’s only one of the many differences between the East and West Coasts of Australia. You won’t be disappointed taking time to experience everything that Perth and the west have to offer.

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