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Margaret River Beach, Perth, Australia

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Girls on Margaret River Beach, Perth, Australia

This is just one of our favorite spots in Australia. Located south of Perth on the West Coast of the continent, Margaret River receives fewer tourists than most other spots in the country. For all you wine lovers out there, the surrounding country is famous for its wine production, with vineyard tours being a nice break from the beach on a hot day.

There’s no end to the things you can do around here. Only twenty minutes and six kilometers from the beach, the Town of Margaret River is a center for just about every kind of leisure activity imaginable, which means you’ll never be bored. Rent a kayak or surfboard, or if you’ve got a bit of extra cash, take a helicopter ride and check out the scenery from a bit of a different angle. There are also opportunities for rock climbing all around.

Margaret River Beach, Perth, AustraliaWe didn’t have the time, but everyone has great things to say about the Cape to Cape Track, running from Cape Leeuwin to Cape Naturaliste. It’s a bit of a commitment at five days, however. The visitor centers in Margaret River sell detailed maps.

The Margaret River is great for fishing. Fish abound, including bream, herring, and yellow fin whiting. There are also a ton of little nooks along the coast that are popular with locals, so a bit of socializing at the local bait shop might be a good idea.

As for the wine tours, take your pick. There are tons of options, including half-day and full day tours. Margaret River is best known for its wonderful chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, and cabernet. Buy a bottle to take back to the beach for sunset, and see where that takes you.

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