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Praia das Virgens – Virgin Beach Buzios

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Praia das Virgins, Buzios

Sounds like something out of a book, but Praia das Virgens is an actual beach, well, a bit of sand between a few rocks, but there’s nothing else like it in Buzios, so locals love to call it one more beach in the many beaches here.  And that’s OK by us because we want to see them all.  The snorkeling and diving here is supposed to be fabulous.  We didn’t stop here but went by on a boat tour.  And the only reason we’re mentioning it is because well, the folks in Buzios want you to know it’s here.  And so here it is.

It’s beautiful. Small and desolate, surrounded by jungle. And you can only get here by boat, or by coming from Praia dos Amores, Lover’s Beach.

It’s Praia das Virgens, or Virgin Beach.

We didn’t get a chance to visit this beach, and have not found any good pictures of it.

If you have a picture of this beach that you’d like to share, please let us know.

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