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Praia do Forno – Oven Beach Buzios

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Praia do Forno, Buzios, Brazil

Truely a gem on the Buzios Peninsula is a beach that is actually colored by a certain mineral. The Brazilians call the mineral “granada“, and we found that it contains a great deal of iron – thus the reddish color of the sand here at Praia do Forno, or Oven Beach. We think it is called oven because of the terrain, there isn’t much of a breeze here and it can get quite hot.

This one is a recommended beach.

Did you see the video yet? We can’t get enough of how clear the water is and how beautiful the red sand is. Again, we set the tripod up and took about 30 minutes or so of high definition video of this beach. It is simply incredible.

Looking at Praia do Forno, BuziosOnly crowded on holidays, Praia do Forno has it all. It is easy to reach, has a nice snack hut facility and shade. Because the beach is in a semi-circle, you can spend time along each part of it and have a different experience.

For example, on the far right, you’ll have rock bottomed shallows that is generally warm.

As you make your way to the middle of the beach, the water is deeper and cool.

There are rock ledges underwater you can wade out to. Just take time to wear your beach shoes as there are a few anemones.

Red Sand Beach - Forno, Buzios, BrazilToward the left, you’re in for a treat. Yes, there’s a nice rock outcropping that you can hang out next to, but venture out past the rocks and along the shore, and you’ll come to another, smaller beach that is even more red than Forno! This beach can only be reached by swimming around the rock (unless you’re Tarzan – and that’s not recommended).

Plan a day here and enjoy the beauty of Praia do Forno, or Oven Beach, named for the red sand and as we mentioned, because the reflection of heat off the rocks of the closed-in bay warm the air at the beach. Still, many boats (small ones) stop here to let tourists off and enjoy the sand and crystal clear water.

Praia do Forno, Buzios, BrazilGet adventurous and walk down the right-side rocks. You’ll come to the staircase of an old home built on top of the hill. I wonder who could live in such paradise?

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Praia do Forno – Oven Beach – Beach Index:

  • Sand – the most unusual hue of red, caused by a mineral named “granada” which comes from local rocks. Sand is fine, with no shell or coral.
  • Facilities – local snack shack has no restroom.
  • Shade – trees and cliff shade the beach in late afternoon. Umbrellas at snack shack.
  • Sports – a fun snorkel spot, varied marine life including starfish.
  • Notes – mostly calm beach makes for a wonderful family beach. Recommended.
Praia do Forno Beach
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