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Jericoacoara Beach Ceara Brazil

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Sleep in a beachfront cabana , have a tropical breakfast on the spot, then take a break, go for a dune buggy excursion or simply go kitesurfing. Thanks to Chef Apolinario, Vila Prea serves first-class food and a wide selection of drinks at the award winning restaurant . We design our kitesurfing tours so it’s the perfect combination of kiting, nightlife and as much Brazil sun as you can handle! I spent at least two hours a day pursuing my dream of becoming a windsurf/kitesurf bum in the 28C waters and legendary wind. Day.) I taught my five-year-old daughter to surf on the gentle wave break in the late afternoons.

Lagoa Azul - Jericoacoara - Ceara - Brasil

The best place to see the sunset is a vast dune West of the village, known as “Duna do por-do-sol” (The Sunset Dune). In Jericoacoara it is traditional to witness a “Roda de Capoeira” on the beach every day after sunset. The wind, which builds to near-gale force every day from June to December, constantly reshapes the dunes, sending hazy jetstreams sweeping across the sand. Small clumps of shrubbery catch the blowing granules, creating miniature dunes that last a few days before being carried off again by the wind. The beaches, palm trees, dunes, reefs and rocky outcroppings are truly a sight to behold. Jericoacoara, or Jeri, as it is sometimes called, takes its peculiar name from the Tupi-Guarani words yuruco (hole) and cuara (turtle), referring to the sea turtles’ egg-laying on the beaches.

Jericoacoara sandboarding 3

It is like an island between the sea and the sand dunes. It is the newest declared National Park in Brazil and is only accessed by 4×4 vehicles due to the shifting sands. The open dune buggy moves along the beaches, crosses the Guriu River in a rustic raft, passes over enormous sand formations and lakes proper for swimming, and stops at a rustic bar for snacks along the seashore. Buggies and Landrovers are the means of transport used to get to this beach, driving by the sea, crossing the dunes, and during the several hours of crossing, stopping by sleepy fishing villages, along the way! Scenery of the film The Oyster and the Wind, Jericoacoara became internationally renowned as one of the most beautiful beaches of the planet!


The village is located at the widest point of the island, protected from the Atlantic Ocean by sand dunes and a salt marsh. The island also boasts 25-foot sand dunes, topped by sea oats . There you will change to a ‘Jardineira’ a kind of happy open track, which will bring you to Jeri on a 300km trip among the amazing dunes. If you got the night bus, you will arrive at Jeri around 3 o’clock in the morning. There’s about five of the more expensive pousadas on the beach itself, but as the village is essentially in the middle of the sand dunes, one feels as if you’re on the beach whichever pousada you select. There must be over 30 pousadas to choose from – having looked around various ones, we selected Pousada Atlanta as it was just as good as most, but only cost $30 for a night.

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