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Natal Beaches, Brazil

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The City of the Sun, Natal is the largest city and capital of the Rio Grande do Norte. Thanks to its beautiful and alluring beaches, this quiet, clean, and bright city of Natal is popularly known as the beach capital of the northeast.

Lying along a beautiful coastline, touching calm and turquoise ocean waters, Natal boasts the purest air in the world, second only to Antarctica.

If you haven’t been to Natal before, plan your holiday to this mesmerizing Brazilian region.

Ponta Negra, Natal Beach

Explore the wild and rustic beauty of the Rio Grande do Norte coastline on the Natal beaches, which are always buzzing with tourists. You can enjoy a laid back holiday away from the busy city life sunbathing on the stunning beaches. You will be witness to some great sand dunes, beautiful coral reefs, majestic ocean pools, prominent cliffs, and lots of wind here. Natal has come to be identified as the hot spot of attractive sand dunes, which are ideal for sand skiing. A visit here will give you the amazing experience of ride by beach buggies.

Tourists visiting Natal never forget to explore the monstrous sand dune on the most beautiful beach here, the 4-km-long Ponte Negra, which is a Natal hot spot. The site of the Ponte Negra sand dune, inclining at 50° and dropping straight into the sea, is very attractive to the eye. You will find the slope perfect for sand skiing and the jungle green bordering the sand dune a pleasure to watch.

A Natal holiday is incomplete without kite surfing. In fact, anybody holidaying in this part of the world takes delight in kite surfing, one of the most popular sports on the Natal beaches, thanks to the speedy winds blowing all the time here, which are ideal conditions for the sport. Another attraction in Natal is Morro do Careca, also popular as the most famous landmark here. You will be delighted to find a great combination of green, ocean, dunes, and mountain in this part of the world.

Natal beach BrazilNatal offers you a good nightlife brimming with attractive and cheerful people, breathtaking vistas and beautiful shopping galleries, grand hotels, restaurants and bars to make your Natal holiday perfect. The grand Pitangui Lagoon is a treat to the eye, and you will find it brimming with tourists and locals on weekends. Up north, you will be impressed by the beauty of Redinha and Genipabu. The laidback beach of Redinha is a majestic site on your way to Genipabu.

Sit at one of its beach kiosks eating ginga com tapioca and enjoy your ride to another top Brazilian coast attraction Genipabu. Thus must-visit site is replete with sand dunes and lagoon. Enjoy sand surfing and buggy rides here.

History lovers will be impressed by the rich history of Natal, which reflects in its historical and ancient buildings. Do not forget to visit Forte de Reis Magos, an old fort lying on a spit of land. It is a retreat to the eye during high tide, when the bottom 3 feet of the fort submerges. Explore the small museum inside the fort and hone your knowledge about explorer Vasco de Gama.

Down south awaits a string of beaches offering you diverse fun options. Praia do Forte, Praia do Meio andPraia dos Artistas, Areia Preta, Via Costeira, Ponta Negra, Rota do Sol or the Sun Route  are must-see Natal attractions – offering numerous kiosks, restaurants, hotels, and everything you need to enjoy Natal beach life and nightlife.

If you haven’t been to this part of the world, you have probably missed a great tourist spot in the world.

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