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The Girl from Ipanema – Beach in Brazil

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I don’t think there is another song that so enchanted the world back in mid 1960’s than The Girl From Ipanema. Antonio Carlos Jobim and Vinicius de Moraes co-wrote the song in 1962 and it was a perfect for the time as any smash hit today. And what exactly inspired the song? Well, some say it was Heloisa Eneida Menezes Paes Pinto (I know, they have more names than you can shake a stick at) a 15 year old who strolled past the cafe where the two song writers hung out. I’ve been there, know how the girls walk down to the beach every morning and yes, inspiration flows. And we all know what Brazilian females look like. Ai Carumba! But let’s chat about the beach – Ipanema.

86 Ipanema beach

Ipanema Beach is quite interestingly divided into informal sections. On Posto 7 (Posto is referring to the numbered lifeguard towers along the beach) you have the surfers and the favela, Posto 8 is families, between Posto 8 and 9 is the gay section, Posto 9 is for the young and hip, Posto 10 is for the rich. Ipanema beach is the “hippest” and most secure beach in Rio de Janeiro today. You will be where everything is “happening” in Rio de Janeiro, in Ipanema, and only three blocks away from Copacabana famous beach. This is because located on the hillside next to Ipanema beach is a favela. Many of the residents of this favela make their way down to Ipanema beach and peddle their wares. But don’t worry about this because these folks will either be kind and help you choose some trinket, or they will run along because you have shown you’re not interested in what they have. Everything helps these people. So give if you can.

Sea, sand and sun - Ipanema beach

Ipanema is one of the most expensive places to live in Rio. At the forefront of beach culture are the many surfers and sun worshippers who socialize daily at the beach. However, the price it charged is of the 4 star hotel, a little expensive. I guess because it is located in a good Ipanema neighborhood. Already a popular beach, Ipanema took on iconic status when the song “The Girl from Ipanema” was released in the 60s. It’s wonderful Ipanema Beach is a meca for people worldwide coming to enjoy the sun, the people, warm waters of Brazil and some of the most beautiful women in the world.

Ipanema beach scene

Brazilian girls and boys love a tan line, and you have to please the crowds. If you really want to belong, your Speedos should be as wide as regular CK briefs, at least 4 inches or so. And the girls on the beach now say that the ‘fio dental’ (Brazil’s trademark ‘dental floss’ bikini) is now vulgar. Not that the days of fio dental are gone. Brazilians love to be outside, walking, jogging, riding bicycles, going to the beaches and meeting each other. Rio is normally a very sunny, hot and humid city, but on the Equinox day, the weather was very strange and different, like you can see on the panorama.

Volleyball play on Ipanema beach

Brazilians find a tan line a big plus. And Cariocas, the name of the people from Rio, are into all sorts of sports to keep the weight off. Volleyball on the beach is a biggie. But if you carefully observe your fellow beachgoers you’ll note that Brazilians bring neither picnic basket, nor backpack full of stuff md gadgets. Why would you bring when everything you could possibly desire is for sale on the beach? If your hanging out on ipanema you have to try some ACAI, it’s a brazillian fruit. The Acai on the beach is similar to snow cone, and is super good.

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