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Cox’s Bazar Beach, Bangladesh

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Did someone mess up the name here? Isn’t “bazaar” spelled with two “a’s”? Nonetheless, users have been bugging us to get our beach towel in gear to review this very long strip of brown sand in Bangladesh. They are proud of this baby, and rightly so.  Tan sand as far as the eye can see and much of it with very few people in spite of the large populations in this area of the country. In many areas cliffs make for picturesque vistas and the sun is kind to this strip of paradise on coastal Bangladesh.

We’re not sure if the country got it’s name from the tiger – spelled Bengal – or the other way around. In any case, Bangladesh means Country of Bangla in the local language.

Cow and Horse on Cox's Bazar Beach, BangladeshCox’s Bazar Beach has kilometers of sand and sea with a mix of Bangladesh hospitality that is charming and memorable. Along this beach you can visit nearby Buddhist temples with ornamentation dating back to ancient tribal communities. And if you aren’t that much into sight seeing, and really want to enjoy the beach, you’re in a for a treat. The very gentle sloping sands makes for a great family beach and at the same time takes its time to regenerate. Keep an eye out for any unexpected areas on the beach that may be runoff from populous centers.

The waters are warm and inviting. And sometimes there is a nice breeze that kicks up some good surf. Nothing to write home about, but enjoyable nonetheless.  There are what we like to call mini-merchants along Cox’s Bazar Beach selling everything from sarongs to tanning oils and incense. Some of the food items may interest you as well. Take your time to take in all the culture from such an area. It is very fascinating. In fact, if you have the time, travel just off the beach during the day to enjoy a great meal at a local restaurant just like the locals. Have fun with it and make it a real learning experience.

Now if you’re into taking in the local townspeople and their culture, we suggest a day trip to towns along the beach road. You can watch knitting with the most exquisite colors. Looms fashion cloth for long robes and headdresses. And if you arrive at the right time of day, watch as fishermen bring in their catch and dry their fish. They don’t wander far, setting up small camps until the next time out. This is life lived as you will see no place else.

Cox’s Bazar Beach is pretty popular year-round. The highest season would be in the summer months, but winter is almost as busy with people coming from all over the world to experience the culture here. There are workers who come during the day and clean the beach in highly used areas, still it is as hard as any large beach to keep pristine with the amount of foot traffic visiting this gem.

Well trodden beach - Cox's Bazar Beach, BangladeshThere is a saying that Cox’s Bazar is the longest natural sandy beach in the world and there are some 125 km of sand which is incredible and a must see. We are reminded of the long beaches in Australia. And there are sections of the beach as you approach the country of Myanmar that are virtually uninhabited. However, we chose to stay away from that country as it has had its fair share of problems.

Take time to use our map below and scroll out so you can see where this beach is in relationship to the country of India and Myanmar. You can get here from almost anywhere and there is absolutely no problem with getting transportation at a very reasonable rate to take you anywhere.

Cox’s Bazar Beach Index:

  • Nice family beaches for miles, gentle sloping, wide sand
  • Facilities up and down the beach – near populations
  • Many water sports, wave runners, badminton, volleyball
  • Not good for diving or snorkeling due to the silt runoff
  • Watch for runoff from the populous areas
  • Longest uninterrupted beach on the planet – so they say
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  • srabon January 3, 2010, 7:53 am

    hi it is nice photo

  • Abul Kalam Azad July 27, 2010, 4:45 pm

    Hello,i’m Azad from saudiarob actually i like it cox’s bazar we are proud becuse the big beach of the world htis one bangladesh.

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