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Muelle Bay Philippines Beaches

Island-hopping is highly recommended to see more picturesque coves. Encenada Beach and Coco Beach, privately owned, have clean fine sand though with quite a few scattered rocks. Located on a rocky promontory on the southeast side of Sabtang Island, which is south of Batan Island. Site open, tower appears closed. Boats from Playa Linda arrive at Playa Cuachalatate (koo-ah-chah-lah-TAH-tay), the island’s most popular beach, named for a local tree whose bark is said to relieve liver aliments. Many visitors stay all day, splashing, swimming, and eating fresh fish, shrimp, and clams cooked at any one of a dozen palapas.


Daytrips to the small islands around Puerto Galera or to the White Beach with barbecue and sunset cruise are a -must- for every visitor. Puerto Galera is on the northern part of the island of Mindoro in the province of Oriental Mindoro. It is 130 km south of Manila, 14 nautical miles from Batangas City. Capul is an island off the northwestern corner of Samar at the western end of the important San Bernardino Strait between Samar and Luzon. The Spanish lighthouse is a 12 m (39 ft) granite block tower completed in 1896.

Sabang Docking Area in Puerto Galera

Off the north eastern tip of Mindoro lies Lubang Island, with it’s exceptional array of beaches and coves. The waters around Lubang are a favourite fishing ground for Anglers who cross the narrow channel from Manila and Nasugbu, Batangas. Puerto Galera is an ideal place to do island-hopping from Luzon or a place to laze on pristine white sands and clear, warm water. The most popular beaches for swimming are White beach and Tamaraw Beach, while beaches near Sabang have best facilities for coral-cruising. You can find Sabang in the province of Oriental Mindoro on the northern tip of the island Mindoro, lot’s of Mindoro’s, but that is where it is! It lies roughly 130 kilometres from the Philippines capital Manila.


Beaches are also present along the border of the land along a river or a lake which is subjected to erosion brought by rainfall. The Philippines is a country gifted with great beaches. The better known beaches are those found in Boracay and Palawan. It is located beside Sabang Beach, and can be reached in 20 minutes from the pier by taking a jeepney bound for Sabang.

The most popular beaches for swimming are White beach and Tamaraw Beach, while beaches near Sabang have best facilities for coral-cruising. Puerto Galera also offers excellent inland nature walks.


Historically, Manila Bay’s topography and strategic location, between the Old World’s silk and spices on the one side and the New World’s silver on the other, favoured commerce and made the bay a natural magnet for maritime traders. The Chinese were the first foreigners to arrive and trade in the islands in 98AD but by the late 15th century, the restless Europeans had sent Ferdinand Magellan westward to the Philippines. Literally meaning “Port of Galleons,” it became popular among seafarers during the prosperous years of the galleon trade starting with Chinese traders from the 10th century. Owing to its excellent natural harbor – which until now is considered one of the most beautiful and safest in the world – Puerto Galera became a regular stopover for merchant vessels sailing along the important trade routes of the Near East, Indian coast, Indo-Chinese coast, China, Philippines, Sumatra, and Java.

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