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Haeundae Beach – Busan, South Korea

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Haeundae Beach is located in beautiful city of Busan on the southeast side of South Korea.  And you’ll get a very unusual experience if you go during what the South Koreans call “summer,” which is July and August.

South Koreans love their beach and looking at the water, but do not like the sun. The beach is a veritable sea of umbrellas during those two months during the day, and if viewed from the air, would not even show a speck of sand, but a gorgeous collage of color.

Funny story: The Mayor tried to get the fact of Haeundae Beach having 7,937 umbrellas opened on the beach all at once included in the Guinness Book of World Records, but, alas, there was no category for this!

Haeundae umbrellas Busan beachThere are at least 300,000 people on any given day sitting on the beach, under umbrellas, and have had record highs of one million.

Fashionable South Korean ladies do not even change their Louboutins when they visit, thus green astro turf walkways have been installed.

If sunbathing, and/or even getting a view of the sun is important, travelers should not visit in the summer. When the umbrellas disappear at night, the beach becomes a party place for young South Koreans. Haeundae Beach is like its own city, with a police force of 300, 200 lifeguards, patrolling jet skis and hovering helicopters. At night, security guards don night vision binoculars to scan the sandy beaches from afar.

Over 100 children a year get lost on Haeundae Beach in the summer months, and lifeguards have resorted to using security bracelets to keep track of them. Also, in the summer months, unless you are a surfer or wearing a wetsuit, you cannot go past knee deep water after 4:00 p.m. Yes, the Haeundae Beach in summer is a unique experience.

People strolling on Haeundae Beach Busan, South KoreaHowever, during off season, the umbrellas disappear, and there are no restrictions to using the beautiful beach and/or going into the water. The beach was named for a 9th century poet Haeun, whose name means “Sea and Clouds.” A sea of umbrellas obscuring the clouds is more like it.

Whatever the case, when you are in this part of South Korea, all of the locals will recommend coming to Haeundae as part of the total Korean experience.

And we kind of think you won’t be disappointed. Classy beach!

Haeundae Beach, Busan – Beach Index:

  • Sand medium grain, light tan
  • Full facilities
  • Sports rentals available
  • Family friendly but can get overcrowded!