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Mokuleia Beach Park, North Shore, Oahu

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Mokuleia Beach Park

It’s one of the better surfing spots of Hawaiian beaches, Mokuleia Beach will be full of locals any time the surf is up. Watch for repeat vacationers, driving from Honolulu. Why? Six miles of sand, 150 feet wide from Kaiaka Bay to Camp Erdman. When you come here, expect a few kids. This is the local hangout of the teens growing up here and it’s simply filled with good, clean fun.

Plus there’s a twelve acre park smack dab in the center of the strip with restrooms and showers, camping sites and plenty of parking. You need to get a permit to camp in Hawaii – but what a way to spend time in paradise. We’ve done it, and we loved it!

Kids at Mokuleia Beach ParkYou’ll notice not much going on here because this is one of the last places to be developed along the North Shore.

If you head west from the park, you’ll find peace and quite from the surfing crowds – those wanting to watch and not necessarily want to enjoy the beach.

Think big surf – Waimea – we talk about it here on best surfing beaches of the world, but don’t go away thinking that’s all there is. Some reef about 100 yards out actually protects the shallows from those pounding waves – allowing you and yours to swim and snorkel – even when “surf’s up!”

Colors of MokuleiaHere’s the tip – at this beach in Hawaii there’s a large area off the west end of Mokuleia Airfield. Bring the snorkel, but bring a bag as well. This area is prime for shelling.

You’ll find dozens of great shells worth keeping. You’re neighbor will be shelling, too. It’s a nice place for beachcombing.

High surf occurs during the USA Winter months through Spring. And there are no lifeguards along the beach so use your head.

Beach Index: Mokuleia Beach

  • Sand – many call it white, but it’s actually tan. Made of a volcanic material and coral reef mix. Nice and powdery. Clean.
  • Facilities – in the center of the beach.
  • Shade – many adult trees line the beach yet there are areas of full sun. Use sun screen.
  • Sports – this is kite boarding and surfers heaven. Snorkeling and swimming, shelling.
  • Notes – recommended beach.

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