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Sunset Beach, Pipeline, Waimea Bay, North Shore Oahu

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I’ve always wanted to travel to the North Shore of Oahu, say in early December and with my great SLR camera, take some mind-blowing photos. That’s on the books for 2014 – wanna join me? Should be great! And why? I mean, just look at this. Some hairy storms up in the Yukon send swells westward causing the most beautiful surfable waves right here on the North Shore of Oahu. And why else would you  be here? Perch on the shore with binoculars or a long lens and enjoy!


Am pretty sure if you arrived in November, there would be some great surf. The idea is to catch the surf during the major storms that happen off the Alaskan Coast and head toward Hawaii. So that’s pretty much winter in the Northern Hemisphere. You can see in any of the videos that the surf can be pretty radical and there are some nice opportunities for one-in-a-lifetime photos.

The beach on the North Shore goes on for about 7 miles. Lots of competitions happen this time of the year here, so Google “Oahu North Shore Surf Competition” and you’ll get a complete listing. The weather is great in the winter here. You’ll be able to do more than catch surfers. Watch a cool sunset or take a boat out to see the whales. Enjoy! This is prime Hawaii.

Surfing on Sunset Beach, Hawaii

If you are coming as a surfer, there are a variety of Hawaiian surf forums and Facebook pages dedicated to people who are new to the breaks here. Don’t be shy and ask what to expect. The surf is big and to be respected, so ask all the questions you need. Above all, have fun and stay safe.

The night life here is incredible as well. But if you stay out too late you’ll affect your game for the next day – and who doesn’t want to look totally cool on that wave you’ve selected out of a dozen? Of course you do!

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