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Waimanalo Bay Beach Park on Oahu, Hawaii

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Waimanalo Bay Beach Park on Oahu is a paradise for beach lovers, located on the gorgeous Kalanianaole Highway. If you love white sandy beaches, underwater corals and admire towering palms surrounded by soundless turquoise waters, Waimanalo Bay Beach Park on Oahu is the best place to be in.

A tour to the Waimanalo Bay Beach Park on Oahu will give you the opportunity to explore windward shore from the Wailea Point to Makapuu. The bewitching Koolau Mountains offer you a beautiful view of the entire landscape. Enjoy the beautiful scenery, wonderful ocean colors, white sand, and underwater coral village, and clear waters for a perfect vacation experience.

Waimanalo Bay Beach Park OahuWaimanalo Bay Beach is a perfect place for locals, visitors, and honeymooners. Also known as Sherwoods or Sherwood Forest, Waimanalo Bay Beach is an ideal location for a long walk along the five-mile-long sandy shore. Its northern section known as Bellows Beach, earlier used as an air force base, is now a holiday spot for military.

You can plan your vacation in Waimanalo Bay Beach anytime in the year and enjoy sunbathing and swimming on one of the pristine beaches in the world. You will find the region rich in marine life, including stinging jellyfish and crabs. The shallow sand bar at the water’s edge offers you perfect waves for bodyboarding and bodysurfing.

This is the best place for thrilling activities, such as beachcombing, camping, showering, barbecuing, hiking, surfing, kayaking, and scuba diving. You will find a range of other facilities on the shore, including water fountains, outdoor grills, trash cans, dish washing sink, picnic tables, changing rooms and showers.

Another most enjoyable activity on Oahu is camping. There are several campgrounds available in the area, including mountain camp-sites. You can camp on the beach. The temperature of Hawaii is same throughout the year; therefore, camping on Oahu is possible all round the year. There are 16 campgrounds, country sites and state sites in Oahu, which are the main attractions here.

If you want to camp in the countryside, you require a free permit from the parks and permit section in Honolulu. Close your eyes lying down on the beach and gazing at the stars for a spectacular sight and get lost in the twilight.

Be cautious while planning a vacation at Waimanalo Bay Beach because when swimming on the offshore, strong currents sometimes run along the shoreline, making the ocean deeper in no time. Be wary of this and always look for warning signs and flags. You will find life guards every time you visit Waimanalo Bay Beach, making surfing risk-free for first-time surfers.

Choose weekdays to spend some private time on the Waimanalo Beach. In fact, during weekdays, the beach is a silent refuge. During weekends, locals head for the beach to sunbathe, kayak, snorkel, and swim in the calm ocean. You will find the beach area brimming with grills and picnic tables for all-night barbecues.

If you have not planned a holiday yet, pack your bags for Waimanalo Bay Beach Park on Oahu, Hawaii. I am sure you would enjoy every moment there!


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  • vicky May 27, 2013, 1:45 pm

    Waimanalo beach is the best in Oahu , may be the best in Hawaii. Kauai north shore second to none. Wiakiki beach or Kahanamoku beach is terrible. Most of brought in sand is washing away. Little real beach it is not. Was a swamp place for rice patties and made into a beach of some sort. Its only good for sun bathing and not esthetic or beautiful. Has few palm trees. Along the side walk youwill find smelly dirty street people , One man has lived on one of the picnic tables for 10 years or more and won’t move. A discusting situation that the city of Honolulu can’t deal with. Been to Hawaii over 40 times and all the Islands. Take my word for it. You maybe satisfied for a short stay of 4 to 6 days , but on a long haul go somewhere else or another island. Hotels in Waikiki are way over priced and have little renovation done for over 35 years. Its not a place to rest unless you like traffic noise and air condition grinding fans day and nite.

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