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Bwejuu Beach Zanzibar

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Zanzibar has more to offer than just fantastic white tropical beaches! Zanzibar is part of the Republic of Tanzania but has its own separate government and multi-party democracy. The eastern cape enjoys good sunrises and has a handful of more upmarket places, including a big resort. The eastern cape is generally quieter than the western cape. To make a pleasant evening folk shows, dances and local music are organized at the Coral Reef Resort.

breezes beach Bwejuu, Zanzibar

The Coral Reef Resort will provide you seaside volley, mini soccer around the beach, wind surf, bowls, ping pong and video games of society. In the event you like all of the comforts of a luxurious seaside resort resort having a couple of private touches, Breezes Beach Club is a superb option. We believe Breezes is among the most romantic with the big resorts when it comes to decor, service and fashion. Here’s an image close to the resort. As you are able to see the seaside is broad and also the sky super blue, the ocean blue, awaiting your arrival. Look how white that sand is.

Bwejuu Beach by bicycle

A short walk from Nungwi is the Ras Nungwi Beach Hotel, an eco-tourism oriented resort with an unspoilt beach, and peace and relaxation on tap! It also offers a variety of watersports and a fully equipped dive centre which specialises in trips to the spectacular Mnemba Atoll. You can board a boat for a two-hour boat ride around the northern tip of Zanzibar to a reef near Mnemba Island, a private resort island.  When you get around the reef you might understand the downfalls of going with locals instead of an established company. Communication is key, but locals may not give you all the information you need. Breezes is a resort hotel of the first class. It has been cleverly designed to hide the fact there are 70 rooms.

Beach cabin Bwejuu

If there were to be a problem with Bwejuu Beach, it would have to be that you won’t have enough time here. Another factor, especially if you’re not use to it, is the warm weather. Come prepared. And while you could spend a great deal of time in the water, the lure will be to walk the beach and take in all the culture around you. We couldn’t get enough. Talk to the locals. Get to know their names and ask them how life is here in the middle of the ocean, far away from buses, trains and airplanes.

Beach at Tembo Hotel Bwejuu Zanzibar

If you’re here, and have the time, a visit to Stone Town is a must. The Old Fort and the House of Wonders – all locations rich in antiquity and full of intrigue from the days of long ago will fill your head with stories of how dozens of safaris came across from mainland Africa and ended the expedition here. Take a romantic stroll along the narrow lanes of the Old Stone Town and soak in the craziness and culture you most likely will never experience anywhere else on the planet. Hotels are beautifully decorated in relaxed elegance with a wonderful mix of hand carved furniture, unique Zanzibar antiques, beautiful fabrics and innovative use of natural materials. They have a unique charm and has become renowned for their great attention to detail and tasteful decor.

Dhow boat near Bwejuu Beach, Zanzibar

I didn’t now there were so many bicycles in Zanzibar! Zanzibar also boasts several small offshore islands which are ideal for a day-trip. Prison (or Changu) island is the most popular with tourists because it is only a short trip from Stone Town. Sunrise is for guests who want to relax in quiet, informal surroundings and enjoy this beautiful and undeveloped part of the Zanzibar coast. Enjoy excellent French cuisine and friendly service far from the madding crowds!

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