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Hurghada Beach

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Have you ever experienced the best of sun, sea, and sand? If you are yet to experience the same, pamper yourself basking in the sun on gently shelving beaches, striking crystal clear waters, and endless sunny days on the small yet serene Hurghada beach, dotted with a range of hotels.

Yes, the Red Sea is cool and has some exciting dive sites, history, beauty all its own, but Hurghada is a must see as well and you won’t be disappointed by booking here. Make sure you take into consideration any State Department advisory, be attentive as in anywhere in the world and you will be just fine.

Hilton Hurghada Resort, Egypt, Africa

Every hotel beach offers you a plethora of water activities to enjoy a full day relaxing and indulging in adventure sports. Whether you like swimming or sunbathing, Hurghada beaches have it all. Enjoy snorkeling and glass boat trips to an amazing chain of corals. What’s more, you can even choose your own coral!

Hurghada is indeed the best place for a beach-based vacation, be it with your family or your beloved. You can pick any of the exquisite Hurghada hotels, each boasting its own private beach. If you are a fish lover, you would hardly find a better fishing village anywhere else in the world. The abundance of tropical fish at Hurghada is simply amazing. You will find Hurghada as one of the best diving spots in the world, whether you are an experienced diver or a beginner.

Hilton Hurghada Resort, Egypt, Africa

Enjoy the best of scuba diving sites in the Red Sea. If you are a beginner, you will find many shallow reefs abundant in marine life. And if you are an experienced diver, do not miss exploring the numerous wrecks, dramatic walls and drop offs. Surely the Giftun Islands are your prime destination if you are in Hurghada especially for diving. Being one of the best protected areas in the Red Sea, the Giftun Islands is a main diving site for day boats from Hurghada.

In fact, Hurghada is one of the largest Red Sea Riviera resorts, which is constantly expanding to pamper its tourists and locals alike with all the modern facilities that can leave you stunned!

Despite this, Hurghada has effectively and proudly retained its Egyptian atmosphere and character and you will find glimpses of the same in the ethnic cuisines, which can tantalize your taste buds. With a great range of restaurants, offering local and international flavor, you will find Hurghada beach area the perfect spot for relishing the best from the Egyptian kitchens.

Hilton Hurghada Resort, Egypt, Africa

When you are in downtown Hurghada, you would surely find enough spots for souvenir shopping. Take back home some of the antiques of the land of pyramids. You will enjoy haggling in the market area – why not pick up a bargain? Take home some cheap leather and gold items for a perfect shopping experience.

Come; explore the beautiful Hurghada in Egypt for an amazing experience, filled with fun and adventure, peace and relaxation, and sea, sun, and sand!

Hurghada Beach Index:

  • Sand is medium coarse, sort of brown, like the desert.
  • Actually, there are many beaches in the Hurghada area.
  • Most beaches are family safe with gently sloping shorelines.
  • Area is known for spectacular snorkeling and diving. Recommended!
  • $, $$, $$$ Hotels and restaurants. DiVino rated #1 restaurant.
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