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Little Bay Beach Anguilla

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You have to climb down a rope to get to this incredible little beach. While Ira and I swam here, pelicans flew around and swam in the water with us, in some cases diving for fish just ten feet from where we swam. Along with these five star dining options and world- renown beaches, an integral part of Anguilla’s tourism product is its accommodation. Most of the resort properties have their own unique architectural design, and visitors find themselves drawn to the Moorish domes of Cap-Juluca, the Moroccan artistry of Sonesta Beach Resort, the old world charm of Rendezvous Bay or the ultra modern white expanses of Cove Castles Villa. Dive shops run uncrowded operations and have and wealth of experience in these waters.

Little Bay, Anguilla (No, this is not a post card)

You can also find sea-life at local beach bars – the ‘crisp and delicious’ kind – with an ice-cold beer or a cool drink and music of course. This family-friendly beachfront resort’s design — gleaming white-stucco buildings, blue domes and trim, glass block walls — blends art deco with a Greek Isle feel. Huge rooms are somewhat haphazardly appointed with an odd mixture of pine, wicker, and heavy Spanish wood furniture, and garish yellow-and-blue upholstery; but the upscale crowd doesn’t seem to mind. There is a small beach only accessable by water between Crocus and Little Bay. Here’s a thought .go in the morning, snorkel to Little Bay, arrange with Calvin’s Little Bay Boat Service to pick you up and carry you back.

Little Bay

It was even skipped over by Christopher Columbus who did not feel the need to set foot on yet another Caribbean island. Columbus supposedly named the island as he passed by, calling it Anguilla after the Italian word for eel because of the island’s long and narrow shape. Kitts, and islanders revolted at the notion of parting from England. Some of the Virgin Islands’ beaches are more crowded than others particularly when tourism season is as its peak. While some beach goers prefer a crowded beach with lots of activity, many would prefer to just relax in a quiet area.

anguilla 2003 095

Most beaches have very limited shade. Carry the beach umbrella from the villa. Travelers should not leave valuables unattended in hotel rooms or on the beach. They should use hotel safety deposit facilities to safeguard valuables and travel documents. Anguilla’s student Environmental Club is also monitoring egg-laying on every one of the island’s 33 beautiful white beaches . In time the teenagers hope to reverse decades of harvest that have brought leatherback, green and hawksbills to near extinction on the island.

emily at little bay

They are able to protect rare and endangered species and habitats such as the hawksbill and green sea turtles and the beaches that they rely on for nesting. They can maintain genetic diversity among species which will help organisms to adapt to changing environmental conditions – such as those that we are seeing with climate change. After time, it becomes another source of the white sand that washes up on Anguilla’s expansive beaches. This small island is fast becoming world famous for luxury accommodations and beautiful white-sand beaches. Anguilla is the most northern of the Leeward Islands, approximately 16 miles long and three miles wide, with one major road running east to west.

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  • Nash July 9, 2014, 8:38 am

    Great review you got so much covered. I love this beach. I live in Anguilla so I know what you are talking about. Most times I go here there isnt another soul around.
    I also did a review for my wife’s website so I hope you can check it out at http://www.myanguillaexperience.com/day-little-bay-anguilla/
    and hopefully it will make you want to come back again.
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