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Runswick Bay – Beach with Fossils

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Breathe the fresh air and enjoy the stunning views for which Runswick bay is famous afterwards why not pop down into the hotel for a relaxing gin & tonic or a meal in the sea view restaurant. Runswick Bay is a picture perfect village sitting on the side of a headland looking down into a beautiful horse-shoe shaped bay; in short an idyllic and tranquil setting. This couldn’t be more at odds with the surfing breaks in Runswick Bay, which are potentially intense, challenging and exciting waves. Runswick Bay is a perfect location to sail and it is such a pity that the bay is not full of boats.

[singlepic=20,400,,,left] The current houses located on the edge of Runswick Bay have had their fare share of battering from the weather and in 1862 virtually all of them were demolished by a landslide. Miraculously no-one was injured as the village had been evacuated. Keeping that in mind, and looking toward the hills every few hours, we found a lovely guest room in this wonderful house with four poster beds, spacious sitting areas, working fireplaces, writing desks, and terrycloth robes. The guest rooms in the cottage have double size beds, a bureau, and terrycloth robes. Families can take tours of lighthouses, view the huge murals of Summerside, take a paddling or kayak excursion out on the water, or simply spend a day walking along the beach. Many of the year-long festivities recreate the era in which Anne lived, the scenery at Prince Edward Island has not changed much from when Montgomery lived there.

[singlepic=21,400,,,right] Parking was a breeze, but more expensive than I thought. But remember, we’re here to check out fossils on the beach. And since we’re here in winter – we’re almost alone! Back to the car parking passes – these cost L5 per day and are valid for parking in any Scarborough Borough Council long stay car park. This has the advantage of you not having to look for change every day. The Boat Park is hidden from the beach by a small bank and offers a safe place to keep your boat away from strong winds in this sheltered area. Fresh water is available to rinse of the saltwater from your boat. Isn’t that neat?

[singlepic=22,400,,,left] The rich feeding grounds around the Fundy Isles in southwestern New Brunswick make the Bay of Fundy one of the world’s most accessible sites for viewing marine mammals. Every summer whales of all sizes ( up to 15 species of toothed and baleen whales) come to the Bay of Fundy, one of the marine wonders of the world, to mate, play and feast on the bountiful supply of food churned up twice a day by the powerful tides.

A small marina for fishing craft offers a picturesque scene and an attraction for pelicans, while the accompanying fish co-op has a superb range of freshly-caught fish and seafood and a fish-and-chip takeaway.

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