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Corsica – The Best Beaches in France

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Corsica Beaches France

Planning a vacation in France and missing the fabulous island of Corsica would be a sin. We believe Corsica has the best beaches for spending a delightful European vacation. But there are over 200 of them around the island, so what do you do? We’ll list our picks and comment on why these French beaches are a traveler’s delight, and we will show you a few. It may not be possible to get to Corsica on your trip to France, but if at all possible, try to go as you will not be disappointed.

The beaches here are of find sand, mainly quartz composition, and lightly packed. Highly reflective, they contrast greatly with the deep blues of the sea. And some times the sea plays with the sand and you get all different variations of colors. It can be quite spectacular.

Plan on finding a few coves like this one. There are few places on the globe we found like this. Mountains cascading down into the ocean and beaches between each giant. Rio is one. Corsica is another. The difference with Corsica is of course the brilliant coloring of the ocean here. Unlike the South Atlantic, the waters around Corsica are almost magical.

Corsica Beaches FranceDeep, rich hues that seem to be born out of the most breathtaking pallets. It’s no wonder people come from all over simply to see God at His best. Another great feature of the beaches of Corsica is that they are generally, not all, but for the most part near towns with good facilities. This is important when you are traveling alone in the Corsican countryside.

The Island of Corisca sits off the southeastern coast of France. It is a large island, some 3370 square miles dressed with not only the best beaches in France, but a landscape as diverse and one can imagine. What’s more, you’ll see most of it unspoiled by man when you vacation in this recommended travel destination. The mild climate and terrain makes it heaven for climbers, hikers and paragliders – and excellent for improving your tan at the miles of beach.

Corsica Beaches FranceWe can only list the ones that made our top five list. Please try these if you can, then venture out to other spectacular beaches throughout Corsica.

Calvi – This magnificent strip of beautiful sand is the very best on the island. It has warm, shallow water making it perfect for families with small children, and for swimming late into the year – as the sun warms the shallow water close to shore. Calvi, Corsica is also a historic citadel. While you are winding down after hours at the beach, check out the citadel and museums. Recommended.

Plage de Loto and Plage de Saleccia – on the North coast; yes “plage” means “beach”, like “playa” in Spanish. These gems are unspoiled. As you arrive at the beach, your eyes will immediately go to the color of the water. This site will not soon be forgotten. Don’t forget the camera. Please note, there are no facilities at these beaches and, the access is rather tricky. Take your time making it down to sea level. It “is” worth it.

map of corsica

Plage de Palombaggia and Plage de Santa Giulia – on the South coast. These are near Porto Vecchio. Make your way down to the ocean after you pass the village. These two offer beautiful turquoise bays with fluffy, white sand and pine trees to shade you, should you need it. Please note, the world jet-set travel here when France’s Cote d’Azur proves…tiring, dahling.

Don’t forget that Napoleon was born on Corsica. There is a lot of history here. Ajaccio, the capital, is decked in white and is Napoleon Bonaparte’s birthplace.

When should you come to Corsica? During the summer months, May and June, when there is plenty of sun and fewer visitors. How do you get to Corsica? There are flights out of Nice, a little over a half hour flying time, and you can opt for the ferry, a few hours ride leaving from Marseilles.

Beach Index

  • Sand – mostly white power, fine to medium grain
  • Facilities – note: many French beaches do not have on-site facilities, but have commerce close-by. Plan accordingly.
  • Shade – tall pines on most, some simply commercial buildings nearby
  • Sports – few beaches have sporting items for rental
  • Notes – on Corsica, all above highly recommended.

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