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Pink Gin Beach – Grenada

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Pink Gin Beach - Grenada

Even though you may not flip on beaches you visit, you’ll certainly agree Pink Gin Beach is worth flipping for. We found these fellows flipping at the beach while others were enjoying a great afternoon strolling in the sun. Pick Pink for that leisurely walk while the sun sets. Make sure you take the camera – the view is well worth the visit.

Near the airport at Point Salinas, and between two large resorts – the LaSource and the Rex Grenadian, lies Pink Gin Beach. It’s white sand, and clean – so clear that the water shimmers out past the rocks.

Pink Gin Beach - GrenadaAnd no one can remember how Pink Gin Beach got its name. There isn’t really any gin on the island that is pink. Nonetheless, Pink Gin is a great find. What makes it the perfect family beach is that the shore slopes slowly into the sea. And with the rocks that come out on the left side, we saw almost no waves. Nice for little kids!

Since the waves are almost non-existent, we found Pink Gin a real good place to snorkel. Especially out around that rock cropping. On the other side you’ll see a great variety of marine life, and the visibility is around 100 feet. The bottom slopes steeper past the rocks – almost all sand with an occasional head of coral.

Close by Pink Gin Beach is the Aquarium Beach Club and Restaurant. We found that if you ordered a drink, you could not feel shy about asking to use their facilities. Great food here, too. Plus on the side is a place that rents kayaks. Now think of the fun you can have kayaking in the warm Caribbean in Pink Gin Bay?

Wow – how can words describe the view? It’s another great Caribbean gem – and this time in Grenada.

Pink Gin Beach – Beach Index:

  • Sand – medium grain, white, coral based, clean.
  • Facilities – restaurant on the beach.
  • Shade – none.
  • Sports – kayaking, snorkeling, swimming.
  • Notes – great family beach! Recommended.

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  • jason evan bwldwin January 31, 2015, 11:05 am

    The sand is “pink” and there is plenty shade. I know cos I own a small bit of land on it…

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