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Del Mar City Beach, San Diego, California

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Del Mar City Beach, San Diego

This is a big beach in the San Diego area, in the northern part of a beautiful California coastline. A hop, skip and jump north of Torrey Pines State Beach is Del Mar Beach which I believe is one of the best rounded beaches, meaning it has something for everyone in the family, in this part of the country. You know how some beaches have great sand but heavy surf? Well, Del Mar Beach has surf, but areas where you can jump right in and enjoy the cooling waters of the Pacific.

Surfers will enjoy Del Mar’s beach, too; well, at least that’s what we’ve heard. I’m not much of a surfer and honestly haven’t surfed Del Mar, but reports are good that if there is a surfer in the family, they can enjoy that while you and the rest of the family enjoy other parts of the beach here.

Near Dog Beach, Del Mar, San DiegoThere are two outstanding parks here, Seagrove and Powerhouse and the views are spectacular. Along the coast you have the best of the best in real estate with some homes easily in the millions. And if you want a taste, I found that a trip up Camino Del Mar (hey, that means way or path of the sea in Spanish!) or Hwy 101 will take you to your share of high-end Del Mar restaurants, those cool outdoor cafes, and stores with items you’d see along Rodeo Drive. You get the picture.

Since we have the two nice parks run by the county, there is no shortage of restrooms or showers and there are wheelchair facilities as well. To find parking here try the area at 15th Street and Coast Boulevard. The park at Powerhouse has parking directly across the street. You can opt for free parking around 17th Street, but those spaces go quickly unless you go with full intent to find a free spot.

There is plenty of good, family eating in the area. Check the restaurants along Carmel Valley Road and up the Coast Highway.

Beach Index:

– Sandy loam in some places, rocky in others
– Beach is big and may look small from the road
– Facilities in the county parks
– Heed local warning flags

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