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Bondi Beach Sydney Australia

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Sydney Coast & Beaches - Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach is about one kilometre long and has many tourists visit throughout the year. While the northern end has been rated a gentle 4 (with 10 as the most hazardous), the southern side is rated as a 7 due to a famous rip current known as the “Backpackers Rip” (also known as the “Bondi Tram” or the “Bronte Express” because you would supposedly end up at Bronte – two beaches south – if caught in it). Bondi Beach is a wide 1 km long strip of golden sand arched around Bondi Bay and pinched between Ben Buckler to the north and Mackenzies Point to the south. At the southern end of the beach is a public seawater ‘rock pool’, home to the famous Bondi Icebergs Club who derive their name from swimming even during the colder winter months.

Bondi Beach is one of Australia’s if not the world’s most famous beaches, Bondi Beach is as much a lifestyle choice as a place. Bondi Beach draws the visitor, captivates them and forges memories of sun, surf and sand. Bondi Beach is just half an hour drive from the centre of Sydney down Oxford Street (it changes to Enfield Drive and then Bondi Road) brings you to the south entrance of Bondi Beach. Bus 380 from Circular Quay will get you there in about 40 minutes or the train to Bondi Junction, then buses 381 or 382 will drop you off right on the beach as well.

beach along the bondi-coogee beach walk

At LGS, our dedicated, fully-qualified staff can help you catch the wave of your dreams, whether it’s your first time setting foot in the ocean or you’re a surf fanatic looking to ride the big one. Plus, with our complete surf store, we can help you with all the gear you need to get out in the waves, from high-quality boards to wetsuits to a huge range of accessories.

It has a tremendous undertow (rip) known as the Backpacker’s Express by the local life guards who tire of routinely pulling tourists from the surf. The north end of the beach – a level stroll away – is designated for swimmers. Swimming areas are designated by red and yellow flags, which are moved according to surf conditions. The northern end and the centre of the beach is usually the safest for swimming.

Bondi Beach on Christmas Day 2003

Watch the surfers for a while and then go. Surf schools in the area offer lessons, as well as equipment rental, and beginners are always welcome.

Bondi Beach Australia is also one of the best places for scuba diving. The strip itself is, well, striplike, lots of surfwear shops and icecream, fatslob tourists and retirees mixing with surfies and tattooed beefcakes. Bondi is Bondi, a great beach, great.

The Famous Pool at Bondi Beach

So whether your interest is surf, sun, cafes, markets, festivals, whatever, you’ll be there in a moment. Free snorkelling gear, surf and body boards. Internet cafe, movie room, games room, self-catering kitchen, BBQ, rooftop balcony and weekly backpacker activities.

There’s Tuchuzy, where Kylie Minogue has been spotted checking out the racks, Bikini Island for surfwear essentials, Purl Harbour for gorgeous handknits, Alfie’s Shop for the Bondi street look and puf ‘n stuf retro clothing for vintage everything.

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