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Best Beaches of Buzios Brazil

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Buzios is located just an hour or so outside of Rio and the only reason you’d go there is to get away from the crowds that move into the beaches in Rio during the holiday season – but – news flash! They are here in Buzios, as well.

The only time you can have the beach to yourself – so to speak – is when there isn’t a National Holiday, and in Brazil that is very, very hard to find. But still – they exist and we found a time right after Easter to visit this beautiful peninsula in the Atlantic Ocean.

There may be more beautiful beaches in Brazil, but if there are, no on has confessed. We search onward and toward the shore. Camera in hand, this is our story on Buzios, Brazil.

Bardot Statue at Sunset Buzios

In our search for the Best Beaches of Brazil, we found paradise! Many call the beaches of Búzios, Brazil, “undoubtedly, the most charming beach resort town in the country.” Let that soak in for a minute. We are talking a country that has more coastline than continents put together.

So, what is Búzios and “where” is Búzios on the globe?

Officially named Armação dos Búzios, Búzios is the name of a cute conch shell, and the name given to the way a fortuneteller who uses the same shells, tells your future. Búzios is located just two and a half hours up the Atlantic coast from Rio.

Praia dos Ossos Buzios SunsetIn addition, Búzios has a fascinating history! Originally settled by pirates and slave traders, some of them made these Búzios beaches their home and prospered.

Fishing and especially whaling became a way of life. The small village of Búzios, was born. It would stay a sleepy town for centuries.

However, something extraordinary happened in 1964. Starlet Brigitte Bardot traveled to Rio to visit the home country of then boyfriend Bob Zagury, and decided to linger in Brazil before returning home to Paris.

A photographer/friend suggested Búzios, and Bardot and her boyfriend set out to visit.

Bob Zagury and Brigitte Bardot in Buzios mid '60s

And that’s all it took to put Búzios on the map. With the help of the world media, Búzios was immediately in the limelight.

To get there, your best bet is to rent a car or book that leg in advance from home. Like anywhere, if you leave it to the last minute, chauffeur’s are waiting to take advantage of your situation. Remember, it’s a two-hour car ride.

And why Búzios?

Three main attractions: The Búzios beaches (of course), the rugged coastline of Búzios, and the small shops and restaurants in town.

Blue Sky Praia do Forno, Buzios

Búzios is home to over twenty beaches of all types; windsurf, surf, calm, cold, mild… And, they’re all within a few miles of each other. We cover each one in depth on the next few pages.

This is a spectacular work of God – Búzios is a peninsula of mountains and beaches are present between almost every one of them.

They call Búzios the ‘playground of the rich’. More than twenty different nations live in harmony in Búzios, among them, Africans, Germans, Argentineans, Americans, Cubans, Spanish, Italians, and the list goes on.

They come to Búzios for the beaches, the shopping (some of the finest), the beautiful people and the jet set nightlife that has transformed this quaint Brazilian fishing village into a sought-out beach destination.

Walking along Geriba beach at sunset, Buzios

Búzios’ center is the famous Rua das Pedras, or Street of Stone (which it really is – flagstone). Búzios boasts fine boutiques and art galleries.

At night, that’s when Búzios really comes alive with great bars and world-class restaurants. Every night, even in the traditional off-season you’ll find live music and small discos coming alive and going into the early hours of the next day.

With its wealth of secluded beaches, bars and surf, we saw almost every water sport – sailing, surfing, windsurfing, diving, kite boarding (very cool), kayaking, snorkeling, scuba, swimming, water skiing, did we miss one? Trekking and fishing are big pastimes as well. Búzios is a sophisticated resort, where elegance, beauty and leisure are in perfect harmony with nature.

No matter whether you travel for business or pleasure, you will enjoy your stay in Búzios, Brazil. Hotels and “Pousadas”, or family-run “inns” are almost all charming – designed as a place for travelers to enjoy Búzios from the heart. And, the emphasis is on “relax“.

But, for Búzios accommodations, keep in mind location: the downtown area has great night life but not the best beaches.

Praia Joao Fernandes Beach, BuziosMost of the Búzios hotels are very well located, either right on the beach or on the side of the mountain overlooking the Atlantic. Owners have decorated the rooms in the Búzios architectural style; exposed wooden beams, hand painted furniture and local handcrafts abound. You’ll be happy to know there are good eats close by or right at your hotel. Búzios also has fast food and snacks right downtown. And there is no lack of small, enchanting restaurants through out the area.

Buzio shellWhen you book your Búzios hotel or pousada, please note that high season is during North American winter – all the way through Brazilian Carnaval (mid to late February). Buzios room prices vary from $40 in low season, to $400 in high season (at the top hotels). It pays to shop, and shop early. A local joke says that Buenos Aires is the second most populated city in the world during the summer; and that Búzios is the first! Immigrants will agree.

Now, let’s look at each beach individually, starting out with the southernmost beach, working around the peninsula to the northernmost. Up first is Praia de Tucuns, or Tucuns Beach, named after an interesting tree with a fruit locals eat as a snack. It’s also one of Buzios’ best for kiteboarding and windsurfing! Next! >>

Buzios at Sunset
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