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Galinhos Beach Natal Brazil

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A combination of mangroves, sand dunes, salt flats and oil fields enchants the tourists who find this fishing village where the only taxis are horse and trap and the only cars are the visiting 4×4. It is a day of pure relaxation, where everything happens in slow motion in this isolated and deserted corner of Rio Grande do Norte’s coast. Pipa is a fishing village discovered by surfers in the 1970’s, is one of the most frequented beaches in the state with bars and restaurants to liven the nightlife. The fishing village has incredible natural beauty with colourful half-submerged rocks, fine sands, and tepid transparent waters, not to mention the dolphins, which can be seen playing around the rocks. Dead fish remind of the last inundation. Some bushes and low, flowering vegetation covers the remaining land.


While fishing and salt cultivation remain the sole basis of its economy, there is definitely charm in the area! Baia dos Golfinhos has an exceptional population of resident dolphin and at low tide the Rocas Atoll provides a spectacular seascape of lagoons and tidal pools teeming with fish.


Although not one of the most elegant destinations in Brazil, Natal is very popular with European tourists as much for its safe family-friendly atmosphere as the fact that it is the closest Brazilian beach to Europe. The sand is the consistency of white sugar and swimmers interested and snorkeling or diving will love exploring the reefs just offshore and on days when the water is not a draw, the active traveler might boogie across the magnificent sand dunes in an ATV. Actually, as shown by Testa and Bosence (1999), the intertidal region before Touros is strongly influenced by tidal currents, its bedforms being strongly controlled by unidirectional current from SE to NW, parallel to the coastline. Testa and Bosence (1999) also considered the bedforms to be controlled by currents induced by the SE to NW wind. The tourism infrastrue is fully developed at the Brazil beaches there are plenty of hotel, restaurents and proper transport facility to server there tourist.

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Located on the beach of the Ponta de Calcanhar at Touros, 105 km (65 mi) north of Natal. Site open, tower open daily 9 am to 11 am. Here, tourists and locals enjoy the beauty and effervescence of this bayside resort overlooked by a gigantic partly vegetated sand dune. In nearby Pirangi do Norte, the world`s largest cashew tree covers 7,000 sq m and produces a ton of fruit per year with its huge network of intertwined branches. Restaurants in the tourist areas are clean, the Sanitary Agency is very active. The law obliges all restaurants to allow customers to visit their instalations to check out the higiene.


We discover that the region counts two mineral resources, the salt and the petroleum, both extracted extensively near Galinhos. After circumnavigating a mangrove area, we drive through a succession of surrealist atmospheres: at the heart of a multitude of salt mounds, to the estrada do oleo (literally “the petroleum road”) through scenery of aligned oil rigs animated by the permanent motion of the hammer shaped pumps. Its economic activities began with the exploration of salt, sugar cane and cattle-raising. And the result of all this is reflected until today, when the State is responsible for 87% of all marine salt production in the country.

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