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Ilha de Tinharé Salvador Bahia Brazil

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While the Portuguese were still shaping minute, watchful groups to travel around the unknown beaches, local Indian potters were at work. Native craftsmen were buffing ritual axes of flint. And don’t forget the evening parties on the beach! Special events are organised and include a hiking tour to the picturesque village of Garapua, where you can eat fresh coconut directly from the tree, or a visit to the neighbouring island of Boipeba by boat. There’s hang gliding by day on First Beach; beach parties by night on Second; snorkeling on Third. Fourth is crowd-free, thickly forested, and home to the 16-room Hotel Porto do Zimbo.

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Most of the brazil people reside near the beach. Brazil is a dream land of warm and clear blue water, plenty of white sand, cocunut trees in abudent number, sunny land and fresh sea breeze. Angra dos Reis is the best beach of the area and one of the most untouched beauty spots in the country.

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The bathrooms are large and clean, but there is only one toilet and shower for everyone in the room. There is an elevator, which is handy if you are staying on the 6th floor. However, Ipanema’s outstanding soft white sand and cool blue water make this beach very popular for those wishing to do a little swimming with their sunbathing. Praia Principal is packed with bathers and bars, but it’s a different story just around the corner at Baia dos Golfinhos. This dolphin and sea turtle sanctuary is Pipa’s claim to fame: an immaculate 1.2-mile stretch of postcard-perfect sands backed up against steep cliffs of oxidized clay.

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Far away from these beaches, we can recognize the fifth beach or as is beginning to be called: “Praia do Encanto”. If one decides to walk by this beach, you will see during all the way, in one side, the blue sea, and in the other side, the big plantation of palm trees (“the coqueiral”, as is called in the island), until finding the “manguezal” (a small swamp). Caminhada ate a quarta praia, parada para banho de mar e almoco (opcional). Morro Praia Hotel, em frente a praia, com saida direta ao mar, venha e desfrute de nossas instalacoes. Possuimos suites com ar condicionado, tv, frigobar, outras com ventilador e rede na varanda com vista para o mar.

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The rich tobacco smells, the beautiful wooden working tables and the sight of workers handrolling monster cigars will take you back in time. The art space in the front of the building has exhibitions of sculpture, painting and photography. Terceira Praia is narrow but pleasant, more laid-back than Segunda Praia, with wooden shack bars along the lapping edge of the ocean when the tide is in. Here you’ll find the plush Villegaignon Resort (T75/3652-1010, F3652-1012; 6);  with views in some of the rooms; and the cheapest option, Camping Natureza, where you can put up a tent and stay for less than R$7 per person. In some regions, LCD has been associated with sugar-cane cultures (Nobrega & Nishida 2003), shrimp farming, oil prospection and extraction, and wood industry. However, despite substantial effort from several research groups in Brazil, the determination of the identity of the etiological agent of LCD has been elusive.

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