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Pirangi Beach Natal Brazil

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Pipa’s village is full of exciting nightlife options and offers a variety of restaurants with delicious cuisine. The Rota do Sol is scattered with small beach resorts and beach front hotels, while further South, Pipa is one of Brazil’s finest small vacation resorts. The area around Joao Pessoa offers further possibilities, and much of this coastline is good for surfing. Praia da Pipa is a small village in South Natal, it is surrounded by dunes and has beautiful viewpoints. Small shops and Restaurants are also seen in this place.

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Pipa, 90 kilometers from Natal, is a locale where the young, rich and beautiful frolic. We will arrive in Tibau do Sul Beach, where we can find one of the most attractive beaches of our coast: Pipa Beach. It is considered one of the ten most beautiful beaches in Brazil. Pipa Beach , one of the most important seaside resorts in the Northeast, attracts nature lovers, surfers, artisans, and more who are captivated by the beauty of its beaches, dune, cliffs, Atlantic forest, dolphins and turtles. Once a small village, many of its traditions still exist today.

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We think the two nicest are Ponta Negra and Pipa (about 60 km from town). Negra is a relatively deserted stretch of sand dunes south of town (except on weekends, when the dunes are hopping with crowds), ‘in-town’ is the Praia do Maio, a broad beach protected by a reef and the star-shaped 16th-century Fortaleza dos Reis Magos (Fort of the Magi). Escape the bustle at secluded Pipa and Pirangi beaches or live it up at Genipabu and Tibau do Sul. Go on a buggy ride over 30-foot sand dunes or tour the dunes on a dromedary tour.

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After much walking and inquiring we finally found the church. We were unable to enter and just took several pictures and headed back to Ponta Negra. Fantastic beaches are a short walk away and four new golf courses are planned including one new 18-hole course to be located just behind this new development. Apartments are distributed across 5 blocks each with six floors. To save the walk back to the top, they had built a chairlift powered by half a VW Beetle. I’m not sure which was the most exciting, sliding down the wire or riding back to the top afterwards.

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It is a wonderfully attractive region in which to live and holiday, with miles of unspoilt beaches, sand dunes, lakes and lagoons. White dunes surrounded by coconut groves, clear and warm waters everything there conspires to make your stay in the city the most pleasant as possible! Moreover, the almost 700 inhabitants of the city enjoy an excellent urban infrastructure.

DSCF6192 Brazil - Genipabu - Bicycle at the Dunas de Jenipabu

On arriving at Parque Pedra da Boca, a 40-minute walk provides an opportunity to see the indigenous rock paintings and the flora and fauna of the region. Lunch (included) is at Bom Jardim farm, with local dishes, followed by a chance to see how the plantation owners – called “colonels” – used to live, with antique furniture and historical exhibits. Lunch is on board, anchored in the estuary, from where we can walk along the dune covered beaches and bathe in the waters. The trip finishes in the city of Piacabucu, where we continue on to Maceio.

Pirangi River

The fishing industry is strong (shark cartilage being a major export to Japan ) as is the cultivation of tropical fruit, especially mangos , guavas, and cashews (the fruit and the nuts). In fact, the largest cashew tree in the world is located near the coast in the neighborhood of Pirangi, south of the city center. Three kilometres further on are the beaches of Pirangi do Sul and Pirangi do Norte, the site of the world’s largest cashew tree. Southwards you will come across Pirangi, home to the world’s largest cashew tree. These are just a few of the fantastic beaches you can visit.

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