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DT Fleming Beach Park, Maui

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DT Fleming Beach Park is a full facility family park on the western shore of Maui. What is wonderful here is that for the most part the weather is so cooperative you can enjoy the beach for the entire time you’re in Hawaii. The eastern shore is more rocky and exposed to winds. DT Fleming Beach is a crescent of light red to white powdery sand that is simply perfect. Because it is a city park, it is cleaned often and you will find a lot to do here. My favorite thing, after jumping in the surf was to lay on the beach and people-watch, and gaze with total rest and relaxation on my mind viewing Molokai Island in the distance over the deep blue ocean.

So the most popular activities are sunbathing, followed by swimming and then surfing. I found it fun to watch the skimboarders take on the waves as they lapped up on the wide beach. Just perfect. And you’ll find your share of normal surfers here as well although the surf never gets huge.

DT Fleming Beach Park, Maui

One of the coolest traits of this beach for me was the fact that there is a line of trees up from the beach on the edge that lines DT Fleming Beach Park. This provides great shade for your stay here and you won’t find many beaches on the planet that are so favored in this fashion. Now, that said, you don’t have to think that you have to scurry out early to get the best shade on DT Fleming. There are a lot of good spots along this beach and most of the beaches on the western shore.

So because of the location, the shape of the beach, DT Fleming Beach is ideal for families. The surf stays low, but we still advise you to keep an eye on the kids. Waves are very powerful and even the smaller ones can topple a toddler and make a fun day sad when you’re scuffed along the ocean floor by the weight of the surf. The surf is highest in the winter months and lowest during the summer – yet at anytime you can see a humpback going by. To see that huge tail come out of the water and dive back in or slap the surface is memorable.

That said – please note that like Makena Beach, the steep slope of the beach can be tricky even in calm surf. The waves crash onto the sand and can pull you back into the water, so, just use a little common sense – assess the situation, be safe and enjoy.

Girl tanning at DT Fleming Beach Park, Maui

Another great visual sport that has come to DT Fleming Beach is kite surfing and windsurfing. Both use sails – the kite surfing a little more dramatic and beautiful to watch, but you can zip right along on a nice windsurf board and end up in Molokini before you know it. All kidding aside, the site of the guys and gals getting air off of some of the waves with Molokai in the background is stunning. What a show.

And when you’re done at DT Fleming Beach Park, know that you have been on one of Maui’s best beaches and if you went because of this review, well, please let me know below in the Facebook comments – also – I want to know if you find anything else exciting about DT Fleming – especially if you have been! Tell us your story about this beach!

DT Fleming Beach Park Beach Index:

  • Probably the best family beach on Maui
  • Limited sports available – check at your hotel
  • Full facilities – Lifeguards during posted hours
  • Steep beach makes for backwash even in low surf
  • Shade abounds!
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