Barbados - Sea U Guest House

Barbados - Sea U Guest House$104 - Okay, it has the silliest name of the group of resorts, but this ultimate hideaway on Barbados' east coast is tops. Sea-U Guest House doesn't look like much, but behind is a two-story plantation-style hotel with seven basic rooms cooled by the island breezes.

Barbados - Sea U Guest HouseA travel writer gave birth to the location. His name is Uschi Wetzels. But be forewarned this is not for everyone. No air-conditioning, no TV, and guests share a simple phone. Bug spray is probably a good idea near sunset.

Still, Sea-U is so very appealing. Many Europeans and Americans get to become great friends over the family-style meals. The local house cat and a passel of wandering monkeys will keep you entertained at dusk.

Remember, your amongst endless pink and white-sand beaches. That, coupled with the rich West Indian tradition are what made Barbados (Bar-bay-dose) the destination it is today. You won't find traditional Caribbean casinos here. And don't expect beach bumming to be your onpastimeime. If you drive the countryside, you will take in some beautiful seaside villages, plantations, gardens and English country churches - some from the 17th century.

Seu U is located in Bathsheba, a community of a few thousand souls. There are Chattel Houses, small wooden homes, spread out over palm tree decorated slopes; not a single three-story-building in the area.

Barbados - Sea U Guest HouseVisitors can cool down in one of the natural dipping pools at Bathsheba Beach. Surfers can catch the waves at the world famous Soup Bowl just a brief walk away from here. Each year in November, Soup Bowl hosts International surfing championships. And you can tour the Andromeda Botanical Gardens, with their large collection of tropical plants from every continent ... all just a few hundred meters away from Sea-U Guest House.

Barbados is known in the Caribbean as "Little England". Afternoon tea is a tradition in many places, and cricket is the national sport. Most Bajans speak with a British accent.

Barbados - Sea U Guest HouseThis peaceful getaway is well worth your time to research. Even snowbirds come here for the winter months. Bajans have a long history of welcoming visitors, and they'll have their arms open for you.

Tent Bay - 246.433.9450

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