Dominican Republic - Natura Cabanas/Sofitel Nicolas de Ovando

Dominican Republic - Natura Cabanas$160 – Are you a windsurfer? Do enjoy watch the beauty of the windsurfers as they become one with the elements? As the word gets out, windsurfers make a trek to the primo location on the planet. And the lush north coast of the Dominican Republic has become a favorite destination for the windsurfing set. But, where are the tourists?

Nice thing – no one told them about this diamond.

Dominican Republic - Natura CabanasTen minutes from the small bustling town of Cabarete is Natura Cabanas. Ten bungalos with roofs made of palm thatch with stone and bamboo interiors. Given the backdrop of the nearby jungle-like environment – these blend right in.

Natura Cabanas spa features mud wraps and salt scrubs. Yes! Their two restaurants prepare organic (hello!) dishes, from ceviche to fish stir-fry (low cal!). And breakfast is included in the price – and we mean breakfast. You will get a table set for a kind.

Dominican Republic - Natura CabanasA trip to the “front desk” will connect you with unending activities. Scuba diving in Sosua Bay and horseback riding in nearby villages are a few of the offerings.

5 Paseo del Sol, Cabarete – 809.571.1507

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Dominican Republic - Sofitel Nicolas de Ovando$165 – Quick quiz: where is the oldest cobblestone street in the New World? If you guessed Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, you are correct. The Sofitel Nicolas de Ovando is almost as educational as it is attractive. It’s only five minutes from the sea and classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Dominican Republic - Sofitel Nicolas de OvandoIf you are looking for a quaint, historic beauty, then the Sofitel is where you should stay. Just listen: built in 1502 as the residence of the first governor of the Americas, the original Spanish colonial structure houses 104 guest rooms as well as a cigar bar (got to have that), a restaurant, and a lounge with live jazz and bossa nova music.

Dominican Republic - Sofitel Nicolas de OvandoOh, and breakfast is included here, too.

Calle Las Damas, Santo Domingo – 800.863.4835 or 809.685.9955

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